Vikings Workout Plan

Having seen the big warriors and soldiers in Tv shows & Movies like 300 , Vikings , Game of Thrones , Gladiator etc, you would have wondered how do I get fit like them. A common question is whether they are super humans or even ordinary people aim to attain such levels of fitness. How do i gain access to fitness schedules like the Vikings workout ? Read on…
Vikings Workout Plan

 Some of the common questions that may arise includes:
  • Whether you have to undergo excess amount of training?
  • Do I require a premium personal gym trainer ?
  • Is it mandatory to workout in gyms?
  • Should i necesarily consume imported protein supplements?
  • Should I subscribe to some premium programs to get the full diet/workout schedules 
  • Can I get fit , even if I’m just a vegetarian 
Fitness, is still a relatively lesser known subject with low awareness or low enthusiasm to be fit and lead a healthy life. With irregular meal consumptions, erratic sleep schedules, a 9 hour desk job, people only complain about no time to go to a gym or join a fitness class. This to me, is one of the biggest excuses anyone will give , if they don’t have the motivation to do something.
You can get fit and do a variety of exercises , staying at home itself in the own comfort of your room. Of course gyms and trainers help immensely in a concentrated workout for each body part and shows real development. But for the below workout schedule, you can start now immediately. 

Vikings Workout

Called the “Vikings Workout”, it’s a set of 10 basic exercises that should be done for exactly 10 minutes . Each exercise is done exactly for 1 minute, followed by the next without even a second for break. 
Pre Requisites: Just stretch yourself for 5 minutes, get into comfortable clothes (tracks and t-shirts preferably).
Here’s the list of 10 exercises of Vikings Workout
1.     Jump squats
2.     Plank to push up
3.     Jab – cross punches
4.     Mountain climbers
5.     Crunches
6.     Burpees
7.     Knee kicks
8.     Warm walks
9.     Uppercut punches
10.  Side plank

Here’s a video at Gold’s Gym, where we tried to do the Vikings workout without a break 🙂

The above Vikings workout schedule was developed as a part of the latest show in AXN called Vikings – The Heroes of Nords Mythology.
Vikings will air on AXN from season 1 to 4, followed by season 5, which will be timed with the international launch in December. It is now being aired in India at 10 P.M., Monday to Friday.

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