Cashify – An electronic upheaval

More than new movie releases, we get to see more launches by phone companies almost every week.
The no of iterative versions and sub versions seem to get incremented every time quite rapidly.
Check the Apple iPhone evolution over the past years and you’ll be stunned at how every version has changed each year.

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Evolution of Motorola-Lenovo

If not Apple, even if you take the example of Motorola G series, it has progressed like this :

Moto G 1st gen -> Moto X, Moto G 2nd Gen -> Moto G3 -> Moto E, Moto G4 -> Moto G4 Play -> Moto G4+ -> Moto G5 -> Moto G5+ ->Moto G5S -> Moto G5S + . 

God knows what’s next ..

Electronics – A deteriorating asset

All of the above happened in just 3-4 years. So your supposedly “new” phone has already lost half of its value thanks to its successors release. If you bought a 4th generation phone for say 12,000 INR(post all the cashbacks offered), the market value would come to 5000-6000INR in less than six months time. You’d actually get to wonder, if the phone was really worth all that effort, while exchanging an old yet sturdy phone for a measly amount of 2000-3000.

While luring a customer in the name of “Exchange” offers, most companies offer rock bottom prices for your phone, irrespective of the flawless condition maintained. These prices vary anywhere between 1500-6000 , based on the brand and how expensive it once was. Rather than the old phone going for a waste, one would probably would look to give it away for any amount you get.

Cashify your Electronics

This was when I discovered a wonderful site called Cashify. is a site that offers payment in exchange for your old mobile. Just tick the right boxes based on the condition of the mobile, age etc and you’ll be instantly presented upon with a fair price , predominantly higher than the market price. Once you accept it, specify your details and wait for a free pickup. This becomes an assured sale and your cash is delivered at DoorStep !!

Do remember to add a special coupon code : CLEANCASH to get additional 250 on sale of your gadgets.

Selling my first smart phone

My first smartphone was a Samsung Galaxy Y. Back in those days, when you were a Samsung galaxy user, it was a special thing. People thought you were a gadget freak as we ventured the very first steps in the smartphone era. Vera early days when Samsung ruled the roose, much before the likes of Lenovo, Micromax or Vivo came into the picture.

Samsung Galaxy Y

After about 2-3 years the phone began to slow down considerably and finally decided it was time to upgrade to a better phone. My next phone I had in mine was an Asus Zenfone 5. Having decided to get a new one, I felt the old Samsung phone was no longer needed and decided to sell. Having bought the phone for 6000 a couple of years back, I atleast expected a price of 1500-2000 INR. But when I took it to the nearby phone shop, they took the phone a look and said we can give you 500rs at the most. If you feel it’s too less, please drop your phone in the E-Waste Box.

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I could’t believe my ears and realized the phone is as good as with me, than discarding it in a waste box. Being my first smartphone, it had some sentimental value and realized I should either keep it with me forever or sell at a decent price ( Much before the days of Cashify ). And I still have it !!

So why Cashify?

What started off as a simple discovery of a new website, turned out to be a major bookmark in my browser, given the things Cashify does.

Here’s a short list: 

Cash for an old Gadget 

We always felt an electronic gadget is a deteriorating asset that’ll eventually have no value. It is true in a lot of cases, but we don’t realize that there’s quite a demand for a relatively old gadget/ used device for those who can’t afford a brand new one. Cashify is one such site that gets you the best deal possible in the market and instantly makes a sale through solid cash, right at the doorstep. All you have to do is answer a series of 2-3 questios about the condition of your mobile/laptop, the brand, the age ad wear&tear. The amount in the screen is what you get. Selling an old gadget was never simpler and straightforward.

Not just mobile or laptop, but you can even sell your tablet, playstation/XBOX or  even TV for a nice deal. You no longer need to wait for the exchange offers to come in the E-commerce sites.

The whole process in flat 60 seconds !

Le2 Price Estimate

Estimate for my Le2 : Having owned a Le2 phone for the past 1.5 years, I did a mini test to check for the price . I was quite surprised to see the price quoted as 6000, as this was way more than what was quoted in online site (nearly 2500 more than what others mentioned for an exchange price).

Mobile Repairs

The biggest fear we have for our mobiles is when it goes out of orer, especially after warranty period. It’s as if magically the phone stops working after 12 months or even worse crack the screen by mistakingly dropping it down. So what do you do ? Head to the “Official” service centre and you get a repair quote of almost half the price of the new phone.

When it comes to Apple, it’s much worse. There’s no question of “repair” in the Apple Store, and they’ll simply offer you a brand new phone for full price of course. You either bear the full brunt or forced to live with a broken device, not knowing other options.

So Cashify you helps you to deal just that. Select your device and the problem you are facing .

They’ll have the phone picked up at your doorstep (No more waiting in queues at service centres) and it’ll be fixed at the fraction of the price.

Anti Theft – Protecting your phone through Cashify

A very smart feature of the Cashify App. Once you install it, have it registered with your mobile no and email id. Once this is done, the app will give you a remote access to wipe / track your phone on the web. You can remotely sound an alarm, wipe out all the data , send a message or lock the device, all through the web.. This is a brilliant feature and ideally should be something every mobile manufacturer included as a built-in.

For more information, do check out the below video

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