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Books has always held a special place in my heart. The innumerable plot twists, the drama, the subplots and of course the surprise elements as you unravel page by page, nothing excites you more than a good old book. Despite the rise in popularity of e-readers, the undevoted love towards a physical hardcover book can never be replaced with a PDF version. Be it the rustic old smell, the ease of reading and of course as a lifelong treasure, books can be your best lifelong companion. I’m sure some other book lover in the world would have heard my voice, so as to come up with a unique “book subscription” box called Fiction Crate.

How Does this work?

So the concept is pretty simple.
You subscribe to a plan (be it a one time try or a 3-month plan) and simply mention your favourite genre. The guys at FictionCrate would select an interesting novel in that genre and send it to you in a nicely designed box aka crate. You wouldn’t know what book it is, until you actually receive it and each time a nice goodie comes along with it as well.

My FictionCrate Box

I love surprise gifts, esp if it comes in the form of a nicely gift-wrapped book. Apart from this I also got a classic T-Shirt that read “A book A Day, keeps reality away”.
Definitely story of my life!

The book I received was titled “Woman in Lodge 10”, written by Ruth Ware and touted to be a murder mystery & thriller. Hopefully, this would give me company for the next few days at least

Pricing of FictionCrate Subscription

Their classic programme starts from 499/month which includes one surprise book and a customised goodie with free shipping as well. The 3-month plan costs 1450 and you get 1 book & a customised gift every month, for 3 months consecutively. There are also other premium plans ranging from 700 to  2050 which also carries an additional T-Shirt every month (trust me they are super classy).
I happened to notice all their books are actually priced 8$ + (500+), so technically you get to save a little bit as well.

Their site gives you a detailed split of all plans.

Note: I was part of a blogger outreach program by the nice folks at Fictiocrate and hence invited to review their program. However the above is an honest unbiased review of this book subscription program.

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