How to improve small business with Smartphone technology?

We have seen a major uprising in the world of technology, especially concerning smartphones. The advantages smartphones brings to the table are numerous. It not only helps consumers connect with one another, but also brings about a way you do business. The traditional channels of business no longer exist and companies need to reinvent their marketing channels to reach out to consumers. Therefore a lot of companies and small business are looking forward to making most out of the Smartphone technology and trying to get target profits.You can spot a smartphone in almost every person’s hand and it becomes all the more quicker and easier for businesses to reach out to them through that. It is not only a smart idea but a fast and convenient way to develop a two-way communication system. Apart from this, smartphones also allows the potential customers to reach the business and avail the services by just a few taps away.

Improve small business with Smartphone technology:

  • Mobile application:

The latest and affordable business trend is to develop a mobile application for your business and make it available for your customers on the Google Play Store for free. This will allow them to download it and get to know more about your business. There are lots of benefits in getting your app developed. These are :
  • It  allows you to reach your customer instantly and vice versa.
  • It will develop better customer services
  • Allows you to send messages and other communication to your customers and they can give you feedback instantly as well
  • Your business is available to your customer 24*7.Even when you are closed, you app let the business flow for you.
  • Good opportunity for marketing through the mobile app.

  • Website and content:

Even if you don’t have a mobile application, a mobile friendly website will help you reach your existing and potential customers all at once.The customers will stay longer on the mobile friendly websites. If this is not the case, potential customers might be lost due to longer website loading period on the Smartphone.

  • Push Content through Smartphone:

As a business, you can also promote your products through smartphones by sending SMS alerts, creating Whatsapp broadcast groups and notification alerts. This helps to constantly enable a top of mind recall about your brand.

  • Social media Groups, and communities to target your local customers:

It is now much easier for small businesses to target their local customers, by searching and targeting the groups/communities related to your product or service and area.This will help you find many potential customers through advertising and spending a few dollars. This is an easy method to get noticed by your customers and you can also get to do free marketing by sharing content on social media pages. Small businesses can get a lot of return by applying the right social media marketing strategies at the right place.

You can also create a page for your business in Facebook. This helps you to engage more and more customers, update them about your latest services, discounts and sales. You can also spread the word by updating deals and other exciting stuff about your business and always ask your employers, friends and customers to promote your page.

  • Business opens 24-hours a day and 7-days a week:

With help of Smartphone technology, you can be available for your customers all the time. They can reach you through the mobile app, which allows you to provide an automated reply to the questions and queries if you are unavailable at the moment. This strategy can be beneficial for the people reaching you through the social media page or connect you through messenger. Engage more customers and get more active while your business is closed and you are away. In this case, you can also hire a virtual assistant which help you in providing services such as managing your social media while you are away or busy.  
This is a guest post written by Aditya Singh.

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