Dear Zindagi

Everyone has a letter that they send, the one they never complete, nor have a destination address. A letter, you intend to write to the future you, talking about life has been to you. Many a times, it may have let you down, made you feel this is the end and there’s no coming back. Yet, you find yourself rising up every time, every single time. Probably you realize life is fair after all. All those defeats and failures had a purpose. Life changed you for the better. It made you stronger. A strength that makes you overcome anything and look at the bright side.

 My letter to my life would probably convey a mixture of anger, love, happiness, sadness and every emotion that’s there. A life that has seen so many ups and downs, so many wonderful moments that can be cherished and even miracles that wasn’t least expected. Life had thrown me problems that I felt I couldn’t solve, yet minutes later I was staring right at the solution. Life’s lessons gave me the courage to do things, things I wouldn’t even have dreamt that I could 

So here goes my letter:  Dear Zindagi,

Just by saying you played an integral part in everything I have achieved or even tried to become could be an understatement, as the whole concept of me was defined by you. A route you laid for me to follow, which I faithfully followed, having complete faith in what you had in mind. Sometimes the going was tough, but there was a guiding light that kept telling me, you just have a few more things to cross. You gave the passion to follow what I wanted, to get what I wanted and even letting go of things that I never needed.  I am also blaming you completely for the things I desperately need and yet for mysterious reasons, you never gave me that gift. It would have been an entirely different life that I always wanted. Having said that, the life I’m leading right now is an interesting path, not exactly equated to what I wanted earlier, but I’ll take this any day.

Money may be important for few and may have been their primary passion. But having known me, you’d know people and relationships are more important to cultivate than monetary assets. Thankfully you didn’t disappoint in me this category. I am bestowed with some amazing people, who since have played a very key role. If I now look back and think, how I came to know each one of them, I may not even recollect. But I am thankful to have run into their paths.

Everything has a lot of if’s, a two letter word for futility. If I had got that job, if I had got that item, if I had done something else to make it all better and the list goes on. But in a way I am thankful to you for guiding me to do the right things at the right time (though not always). I still haven’t forgiven you for many things, that you could have made me do it right.
So a final word to you. Thanks for being there, quite literally, but don’t throw me any more surprises. Just take it one day at a time and we should be good for life ??

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