Zapstore – An Intergrated Platform for E-Commerce

You’d be wondering about the innumerable no of e-commerce websites launched for  various categories including clothing, watches, electronics, gaming, books etc. Keeping track of the best items and the best deals in these sites can be a tiresome and sometimes an impossible task. The desire for an integrated platform that can address the needs of all buyers , highlight the top preferred items in a particular site , listing out the various retailers available to purchase that and more importantly getting rewarded to list your items and purchasing via the zapstore link can be a wonderful thing.
Who would have thought that, a website is going to reward for your own purchase in a e-commerce store? Sounds exciting right?

So what exactly is Zapstore and how do you go about listing your favourite items & start earning through their reward system?

For starters, Zapstore as mentioned above is an integrated platform that has handpicked the best deals and products from various retailers such as Flipkart, Amazon, PayTM, ebay, Myntra etc.
Not only do they a personal recommendation based on your interests, but you can also get to see other user’s top recommendation in a particular category .

So when you are out looking for a good mobile, and you are pretty much confused which model to choose from , you just have to login to Zapstore, select mobiles under the Electronics drop down menu and filter out your budget and specifications. You’ll be immediately listed with some top brands and good recommendations across multiple websites in a single page. This integrated view of recommendations, to me is the biggest highlight of shopping through Zapstore. Once you finalized the mobile, just click on that particular link in Zapstore, click on the “Go to Store Button” and make your purchase.

All you have to do now is wait and you’ll be credited with a small percentage of your purchase as cashback .Yes, it is that simple.Not just that you also get to earn when one of your social followers makes a purchase from your collection

Here’s a list of my favourite curated collection through Zapstore

1. Vu 43′ HD TV :

I’ve been trying to get my hands on a large 43-45 ‘ TV but I couldn’t find one in my budget. This was when I discovered the brand VU which is selling a 43’ 4K HDTV for just 37,000 Rs (Almost at half the price when compared to other leading brands). Naturally this is top on my personal recommendation list

2. HP AC 621TX Laptop :

My next recommendation would be a HP AC 621TX laptop. At  a 40K price tag, this has impressive features inside , including 2 GB graphics card, 4GB RAM, i3 6500U processor, 1TB hard disk and definitely a worthy purchase

3. One Plus 3  :

Frankly one of the best phones in the market, the One Plus 3 has really created a stir in the market with its brilliant design, amazing specs and a solid build  . At a price tag of 27,999, this can easily be the best high end luxury phone in the market below the 30K price segment. Apple and Samsung can only come a distant second when it comes to this

4. Grand Theft Auto (PC)  :

 Being an avid gamer, I’d definitely rate GTA as one of my most favourite games both on the PC as well as the XBOX platform . With an interesting game play, you get to do a lot of activities around the city and rise up the ranks.

5.Fastrack Wraparound Sunglasses

This is one of my most desired items in recent times. With a blue tint , this wrap around sunglasses from Fastrack is just 623Rs compared to other expensive sunglass brands and can really sport a style statement when it comes to fashion.

In case you  still wonder how this site works or how to go about adding items to your own “Zap” store, here are 3 easy steps

1. Create your Profile

2. Add your favourite item link from a E-commerce site like Flipkart/Amazon/Snapdeal etc in the update box
3.  Share your links with others. Click on the products to buy either from the recommended collections or through the deals listed in the site
4. Check under My account for your cashback earnings summary till date
I am making my own store for the #BestZapStore activity at BlogAdda in association with Zapstore

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