Uber’s new price calculation feature

Below is an excerpt from Uber for my question on how they are changing how a fare is calculated
It’s no longer the #Kms +#Minutes + 30Rs base fare
But its based on a pre-calculated fare (inclusive of surge)  that only ends up pushing the fare estimate by a significant no. If you were expecting fares between 80-100 (depending on traffic), they have safely calculated as 120 as a fixed price (even if the roads somehow get to be empty or an easier alternate route was found).. So you end up shelling more either way..

Here’s an example which I took screenshot from my Uber app

See below official reply from Uber for the same :

“This is a follow-up email to your post on Twitter.

I understand you used to get the fare based on distance and time. However it started showing a fixed price as we recently introduced this feature. Happy to clarify this for you.
When you request for an Uber, the price displayed on the app at the beginning of the trip is the fare you’ll be charged for the ride, no matter what. These fares are calculated dynamically, based on your pickup and drop off locations. Please note that your upfront price includes any applicable surge pricing in effect when demand is high. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback.
For more clarity, the pricing is not any different from what it was previously, just that we have been displaying at the time of the request itself. If you happen to change your destination while on the trip, your fare would change accordingly. Hope that clarified.
As we work to improve this pricing system on Uber for everyone, we appreciate hearing your perspective. Feel free to reach out any time you have questions or concerns. “

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