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One of the most significant challenge I keep facing is deciding on a good phone , either to buy it myself or recommend a suitable phone for a friend, given their budget and needs. Not only a phone but it applies to any gadget for that matter.

No other industry has such a dynamic shift like mobile technology or even the no of new releases almost every week with upgraded specifications.

Every brand including Motorola, Xiaomi, Samsung ,Lenovo, Asus and Apple has so many variations, models in different price segments making it a very tough process in narrowing it done to 1 or 2. Though an user has many models to choose from, not all models have positive reviews and some has received very poor feedback in terms of performance or stability. So such reviews are very critical while deciding a phone.

Some of the key components that one has to consider while choosing a phone include :

  • Processor
  • Memory
  • Battery Life 
  • Camera
  • Talk time
  • Storage capacity
  • Dual Sim options
  • Weight and Screen Size 
  • Brand name
  • User Reviews

One such site that provides a good recommendation for gadgets is AspectWise.

Aspect Wise ( enables people to make well-informed purchasing decisions by highlighting the good and bad aspects of each gadget based on user reviews. It showcases user opinions and ratings on each aspect of a gadget, and also how it compares to other products in the same price range.

When you login to AspectWise, all you need to do is specify price range and the type of usage. This could be a video buff or a design lover, comfort seeker or even a pro gamer.
One you hit search, AspectWise goes and searches all related mobiles, categorizes the mobiles with the best reviews on top and even provide a link that offers the best price on the net

Shoppers can now quickly go through user comments about specific aspects that concern them, instead of reading through full length reviews. So if you prefer a phone with a good camera, you can quickly read what users have to say specifically about the camera, lens and resolution for different smartphones within your budget consideration.

I tried searching for a phone between 10K and 25K and should be a phone that is compatible for heavy use, has a good camera and also sport a nice design. Below was the result I found

Resulting Link :

Another unique highlight is the AspectWise User Verdict for a gadget, which lets you know how a gadget ranks for different kinds of users, like a mobile might be great for Camera Lovers but not so good for Gamers. For example, the HTC Desire 826 is recommended for Design Fans and Video Buffs, but not for Heavy Users, because of its poor battery life.

The key aspect here is that it doesn’t consider the usual marketing hype , but rather considers only genuine user reviews in making the right choice. It uses data mining, natural language processing, sentiment analysis and statistical scoring techniques on the back-end to generate an intelligent summary of user reviews across the web.

AspectWise was founded in May 2016 by Vivek, Anand, Parth and Ankit , who happen to be IIT Bombay Alumni

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