Datsun redi-GO :An ideal Urban Hatchback

I have always wanted a car that gives me much more than just a utility vehicle. A car that quite literally goes the extra mile in giving me that confidence and freedom I’ve always wanted. The car I drive should reflect my personality and actually define me. Being a part of this generation, I have not stopped at anything to achieve something and always wanted more in life. A sense of urgency and willpower has always beckoned me to get that extra zing in life.

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The ideal car that represents all the above things is finally here. I came across a recent launch by Datsun called redi-Go which epitomizes all these attributes in a fantastic way and it couldn’t have been any better. I researched about the car and found innumerable reasons as to why this unique car should be definitely taken out for a good spin.
So how did Datsun redi-Go impress me? As an auto enthusiast, the finer technical aspects and the detailing matters to me more than anything else.

Here are the top 3 features of redi-Go that really stuck me as unique and noteworthy.

1. Design

Everything about the car’s design screams a Japanese signature. The hatchback design is almost perfect and something away from the conventional designs, that we have seen all along. A compact, sleek look and a sporty outlook combined with a robust stance make it a terrific combo. Similar to other Datsun cars, they have an excellent design for both the head lamps and tail lamps that actually stretches from the grille inside to the fender. This adds to a good focussed lighting system which will enable you to not miss the mark

2. Performance

The second most important thing after design is its performance. Even if a car has dashing looks and good interiors, if it fails in the hardware performance, there is little use to it.
The Datsun redi-Go certainly doesn’t disappoint in this aspect as it’s loaded with a 799 cc engine and gives a whopping 25 KM/Litre mileage. The Japanese technology fitted i-SAT engine (Intelligent Spark Automated Technology) as they call it, is designed for a smooth and finer performance and should definitely give you that extra finesse while driving.

3. Safety

A feature that’s overlooked by many top car manufacturers, is incidentally given paramount
importance in Datsun redi-Go. Some of the top safety features include :

  • Reinforced Crash Protection Shel
  • Performance Augmented Braking system
  • Energy Absorbing Steering and Airbag 

Incidentally,Airbags and crash protection shells are something noteworthy for a low end hatchback 

Taking it for a Spin :

If I can get a chance to take this beautiful car out for a drive, I’d probably head to Pondicherry from Chennai. Driving along the east coast road for around 180 KMS, it gives me the opportunity to truly test the car in every aspect and rate it on several parameters

Some of the key things I’d test the car for are as follows :

  • Mileage
  • Ground Clearance : You dont want the bottom of the car to get dents at the slightest hint of a sharp speedbreaker
  • Steering Sensitivity in small streets and during U-Turns
  • Suspension and Car Balance at High Speeds
  • Handling,Shock Absorbing of Car in Bumps/Speedbreakers and potholes

    Beating the  Blues

    More than a transport vehicle, I’d want to own a car that can mean something to me. When you are stationed in a large metropolitan city, chances are that you are perennially stuck in traffic jams or diverted to small streets because of some procession. So in most of these cases, you’d be wishing for  a car that gives you comfort and allows you to drive in a stress free manner.

    The Datsun redi-Go is one such compact car, that gets you to navigate easily even in a small street, make quick turns during a diversion or even lets you quickly park in a small corner than demanding a huge space. To enhance the pleasure of driving, it also comes with a all in one music system, premium sporty fabric and a modernistic dashboard look that

    To describe the car in Datsun’s words :

    Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

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