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As we begin to expand our neighbourhoods and at the same time plan for sustainable living methods for a better future, we need to consider a lot of factors . The construction of new houses ad buildings should not intrude or alter the existing habitat or natural surroundings but rather compliment and blend in with existing condition. 

As stated above, these housings should be environmental friendly, have options that can tap into natural resources to provide for a sustainable living and so forth

The Garden city of Bangalore, filled with trees and gardens  is one such prime example where the city has seen the rise of a huge no of buildings in the recent future . It’s imperative that these contructions follow environmental norms and takes effort in contributing to mother earth
In my search for environment friendly organizations, I came across one such firm, GoodEarth who’s known for constructing environment-friendly and sustainable neighborhoods. They have now introduced their latest Community called Malhar Patterns – Open Plan Homes.

GoodEarth Malhar Patterns is an eco-village spread over 12 acres of land, located in Kengeri, Bangalore. The Open Plan Homesare cleverly designed spaces with minimal walls or no walls at all seem to flow seamlessly from the entrance verandah, through the living and dining areas to the rear verandah and into the rear garden.

This creates a sense of spaciousness in a compact plan and the beauty of the outdoors can be appreciated from various points within the home. The position of the plot in the layout and proximity to the parks will decide the emphasis on the front or rear garden.

GoodEarth‘s Malhar Patterns is truly a distilled essence of their understanding in designing layouts for homes and is based on how people live in them and how the home can help them interact with their neighborhood. 

About GoodEarth : 
The GoodEarth Malhar- Patterns project is the fifth community of the Malhar Eco-village as it continues with the aesthetic traditions of the development. Based on the work and philosophy of late Laurie Baker, the award-winning British born Indian architect, Good Earth was started by a group of architects and engineers who abide by his belief in sustainable architecture. experimenting with alternatives in architecture, exploring concepts of holistic development, through ventures in housing, organic farming, tourism, for the past 18 years.  The properties are built-up with Green Technology bringing out the most esthetic designs close to the nature

Do check out their website at : 

Other contact info : 9686676504/ 9945241616, Email: [email protected]

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