Top Musical Movies

Music, Comedy , Drama were all a component that made up a movie. This happend to be a commercial film which had a fair mix of all the above ingredients.
But when audiences got bored of this formula and wanted something completely different, filmmakers thought of creating an entire movie with just one of those component. A few such attempts resulted in musical movies, where the entire movie was based on music. Even the dialogues were sung as songs and it was a completely different genre, which was well received by the audience

So here are some top musical movies across both Hollywood as well as Kollywood

Sound of Music : One of the first and famous musical movies ever produced, this had around 15-16 songs in it. Produced in 1965, it was a musical drama film, it had some amazing acting by Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. The movie revolved around a nurse/governess who has to tame seven children and get them refined. With music as her communication and kindness, the movie shows how all the kids gets refined and become nice to her and to everyone else around

Chicago : This courtroom drama musical thriller was a totally different venture. Its genres included crime, drama, music, law and thriller. Based on a broadway musical of the same name, it was a huge hit and won several oscar awards as well. It was also the first musical picture to win an Oscar award.This also seemed to have 15 musical numbers, spread throughout the film
Sindhu Bhairavi : A beautiful national award winning movie by K.Balachander, this Carnatic based movie goes on to show the nuances of music even to the common people. The main hero,Sivakumar is taught a lesson on music, by a stranger on stage, who happened to have no formal knowledge or training. The battle between the duo, the discovery of beautiful music by Sivakumar forms the rest of the movie. The movie won the national award for Best Female Playback singer, Best Actress, Best Music Direction and also a Filmfare award for Best Film in Tamil
Sankarabharanam : One of the best musical movies ever to be made till date , Sankarabharanam certainly deserves to sit on top of the music chain. The movie revolves around Sankara Shastri who happens to be a devout and classical singer. He finds a fan in Tulsidas who happens to be a prostitute. The societal pressures, the Carnatic interludes and her devotion to him and service forms a large portion of the movie
It has created a tremendous impact in all filmmakers and has been successfully remade in several languages.
Some of the other top musical movies include Wizard of OZ , Moulin Rouge and  Singing in the Rain

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