Top Fantastico Novels

I picked up to read my first “non academic” book when I was around 8 years. It was a copy of a Tinkle Magazine that was quite famous around that time. Since then my fascination towards books has never died down. It has surged to a huge level, that not a day goes by, without reading some book or the other. 
I have been fascinated and intrigued by the several characters, plot line, twists and the humor in them. I’ve also wondered at the sheer skill of the authors to write such Fantastico novels and making us gripped 
So here’s a list of some of the Fantastico books I’ve read, both novels and non fiction included 
1.The Fountainhead –  Ayn Rand
One of the best novels ever to come this massive epic was a sheer delight to all Its readers. A plot line revolving around an architects life and the pain he goes through in a difficult relationship is beautifully brought out here by the author. It’s also been featured as one of the must read books by GoodReads website. aa
2. Shantaram – Gregory Roberts
A novel partly based on the life of the author, it’s an engrossing read right from the start. It explains how the author escaped from a prison in Australia and then moved to Mumbai to lead an underworld life. The author has managed to write the novel in a way so as to not implicate himself through his book. It’s a book filled with excellent quotes and inspirations and definitely a top in my list
3. Kane and Abel
A fantastic 3 series book by the master storyteller, Jeffrey Archer this is a definite treasure for any book reader. It’s story line revolves two young men trying to face the tough battles of life , fighting wars, trying to form their own companies, prevent hostile takeover from compaies and try to win in love at the same time. The book has every element one needs from a good fiction and a perfectly well written Fantastico book. 

4. The Client – John Grisham
Grisham is quite famous for his courtroom dramas and novels based on law. The client is one fine example of his writing skills and definitely a worthy read. The story is about a young lawyer trying to rise up in the corporate lawyer and become a junior partner in the firm. The impending legal battles he faces, the different clients he needs to meet and the courtroom arguments comprises of the remainder of the story. Anyone who wishes to pursue a career in law, John Grisham’s novels are highly recommended

5. P.G.Wodehouse – Ask Jeeves
Anyone who loves the old style British humor would instantly recommend you one of the books of Pelham Greenville Wodehouse. Among all his books, the series based on the character “Jeeves” is the most famous of them all and is a definite must read

Though there are plenty of amazing novels out there, these five came to the top of my mind for a Fantastico novel category

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