Impact of Stress

One of the downsides of the 21st century is its impact on our everyday lives and the toll it has had on our health. In a race to the top of the corporate ladder and a greed to earn more money, we have converted our peaceful 9-5 jobs to a stressful 24/7 job. Everywhere I see around the office, people are constantly on calls irrespective of the time of the day . 
Quality 1 hour lunch breaks are replaced with quick 15 minute lunch time and that too on the desk itself , in parallel working on that important report. 
When you do a quick survey to find out the no of people who think that they are suffering from stress, the results are alarming. Almost 80% of the people are faced with this humongous stress thanks to office work, family and other monetary constraint issues. This is predominantly higher for people working in IT and Financial services industry where the work hours are higher and very demanding
A recent research from WHO states that 1 in 4 people suffer from high levels of stress and 1 in 10 suffer clinical depression. This is a very dangerous number to begin with. Stress can have deadly impacts such as tension, heart attacks, rise in blood pressure, fatigue among other things. More importantly one requires a good peace of mind to lead a content and happy life. Yet, the first thing stress impacts is your peace of mind
You are constantly tormented by those problems that you need to face and the short deadlines with excess work load factor. There’s a point at which you realize there’s no escaping from all of this. Work related stress trickles down into your family life as well. People having a perfect work-life balance is hardly there to be seen anywhere
When you get to bring home this stress, it creates unnecessary tensions, struggles and fights with your family member. This will further lead to Irritation, laziness and getting short-tempered. Several cases of divorces or even parental issues are primarily traced back to stress.

Several hospitals have also revealed that the no of patients with stress related issues are continuously rising on a substantial rate. Though companies are trying to organize sessions which helps employees manage time and stress effectively, it’s not really yielded any positive results

From my personal experience , there are easy and inexpensive methods to handle stress than go for complex medical treatments

Yoga and Meditation : Soon after you wake up, take 30minutes-1hour to practice yoga and meditate in peace . More importantly do not think about anything. This can bring about a level of sanity, calm and gets you that frame of mind to handle anything without getting tensed

Exercise and Running  : Nothing works better than a sprint or a casual jog in the park or even an hour of intense workout at the gym. Focus all your troubles at those weight machines in the gym and watch your stress evaporate into thin air

A “Me” Time : No matter how much work you have , always set yourself a time where you can get to do your favourite things. It could be playing a video game or watch a movie in your system or even read a book. A deviation from the mundane work can really make wonders on your stress levels

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