Top Audio Players for your PC

Being a music lover, you may have tried and tested out several softwares / applications in your laptop and desktop for an ideal music output. The top things one wants in a music player application would be:
  • Powerful equalizer settings with preloaded controls
  • Easy to create playlists option
  • A well-organized music library to quickly search and find songs you need
  • Easy to navigate interface 
  • More importantly, a nice thematic skin for the visualization
  • Last but not the least, good powerful sound output
So after doing several trial and error methods, I have zeroed in on a few softwares that maybe an ideal fit for you
#1 Winamp: The top of the list would definitely be Winamp by a huge margin. Though discontinued by its creators, Winamp still continues to be the top music player used by people all over the world. Winamp is one of the oldest music players next only to Windows Media Player. The minute it was launched, everyone knew it’s going to be a hit. Themes, Skins, Playlists, Equalizers, Docked Windows, Amazing sound clarity were some of the top highlights Winamp possessed. Though a bit complicated to use first, it became fairly easy once you got the hang of it. Though not available in the original site anymore, you can still download it from plenty of websites who still have it in their archives
# 2 Windows Media Player: The Default music player for Windows, it had its own fair share of popularity. Having the capability to play both videos and audios, windows media player was a fairly all in one application that basic users of PC predominantly used. One of the core features of Windows Media Player was its ripping option. Once you inserted a CD, you could easily rip its contents to MP3 (128 KBPS/192 Kbps / 320 KBPS) or even to a lossless format like FLAC. Incidentally Windows Media player is still largely unchanged even in the latest version that came out bundled with Windows 10.
# 3 MusicBee: For someone who has a huge collection of songs and require some large scale organization, MusicBee is here to your rescue. It has the capability to easily import your existing songs from iTunes and Windows Media Player libraries. In the even you have an account with, MusicBee similar to Winamp can have it synchronized to your system and lets you stream the songs through the application itself

Some other top highlights of MusicBee would include Cross-fade functions while looping through songs, 10-Band Equalizer, Visualizer spectrums that dances along to the beats of your song etc .Interestingly you can also setup your favourite podcast, radio stations and have them organized in MusicBee. Though the best part is , MusicBee is absolutely free to download

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