Impact of Facebook

Facebook may not enjoy the status / title of “The first social network”, as it was preceded by several other social networks including MySpace, Hi5 and Orkut .However it’s definitely the most used and most preferred social network across the world.

Facebook has a user base of several billions, in some cases more than the population of a few countries. It can be accessed in 20+ languages and there isn’t a single country in the world, who hasn’t logged into this social media site

The power of Facebook and things it’s capable of achieve is enormous. It has successfully changed the lives of hundreds of millions of people and brought them to spotlight. If you’re smart enough, you too can tap its huge potential and make a name for yourself too

Started as a simple social network for only Harvard students by Mark Zuckerberg, it has slowly expanded to the entire world. No other website has seen such a surge in adoption rate such as Facebook. Even major companies like Google, Microsoft and LinkedIn have massively struggled, invested a lot money and yet failed disastrously in their social venture. But Facebook has always remained strong even in times of adversity and proved to the world that it isn’t just a fad

In terms of economy, Facebook has had its impact in every single industry, across every other business. Be it a marketing department or a customer support department or even the management, they have to be visible on Facebook to prove their existence.Businesses have been successfully able to promote and market their new product launches, campaigns, programs and service offerings

Relationship impact: A primary goal of Facebook was to create an interconnected world and bring people from all over the world together in the same platform. To say it has a fair bit of success on that front is an understatement

Facebook has brought like-minded people together from different societies and thereby resulting in so many relationships, across cities, towns, states. Cross country long distance relationships are quite the norm when it comes to relationships formed through Facebook

There have been several instances where people have admitted that they might have been cut off completely from friends, relatives if not for Facebook

Facebook Video Impact: Facebook is not just about the profiles, status messages and albums. It has also a secret mission to replace YouTube as a primary video content sharing platform. Several videos created by users, have gone viral in Facebook, thanks to widespread sharing and likes. A recent article in Yahoo, suggests that the popularity and massive awareness of Arab Uprising started through a viral Facebook video of a person, being killed by the authorities
Facebook has also had its share of negative impact. It’s a major distraction while studying or working, it has been the reason for a lot of people being arrested for sharing objectionable content and of course created several rifts in relationships. Businesses have felt a downside too when people publicly posted a negative review of their service/product in Facebook and thereby resulting in heavy losses
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