Impact of Visualization for Presentation

Working in a corporate environment or even preparing for management studies,chances are that you may have skipped the professional ethics class or the financial management training.But if there’s one training that you may have never missed the important training everyone wants to learn  : Visualization & Presentationn
One of the most important aspects of a project is how you present it. You may have got the requirements correct, development correctly and even implemented the project perfectly. Testing phase would have yielded the idea results you had hoped for. However when it comes to presentation to the client, visualization is the most crucial thing. The quality of presentation and the detailing in visualization well reflect the quality and impact of your presentation
Until recent times , visualization was largely restricted to simple bar graphs and line charts that were presented using a Microsoft Powerpoint. Without a powerpoint, there was no presentation and almost every client demanded to see the results in a “ppt’ instead of boring excel files that stretched to several columns of data 
Be it a business presentation or a product launch or even a paper presentation ,visualization was the core for a presentation. However of late, many companies have realized the impact and power of sharp visualizations that moves beyond the basic charts. They have now gone ahead to invest in visualization softwares such as Spotfire, Qlikview and Tableau. These softwares have a huge no of inbuilt graph prototypes which companies can leverage for their data and build powerful presentations
Powerpoint presentations were simple and easy to create. However they were static and most often had images instead of being linked to dynamic data. So a live data stream or manipulation of data was not possible. However with these powerful visualization tools like Spotfire or Qlikview, they were directly linked to the data. Any  changes in the source data will immediately reflect on the visualization automatically.

Additionally, users have the option to filter a specific category of data and refine the results only based on that rather than seeing all slides one by one. This dynamic filtering has a boost on the overall impact and can reflect the overall quality of the project . When it comes to graphs, these softwares are packed with interesting visualizations like world maps, tree maps, decision trees, interfaces with menus, pivots etc that adds value to the data. You are able to create multiple calculated columns for the existing data and show multiple joins of data from various tables
A visualization software not only adds to the graphical element of the presentation but also aids in providing business intelligence on the data. Key insights can be derived by advanced statistical procedures which are implemented through the visualization softwares.
So its time for Microsft to reinvent the Powerpoint software to meet the needs of the current business communities

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