Impact of Pollution

There was a report published by World Health organization a couple of years back that the pollution levels were rising quite a bit in countries like Singapore and China. The pollution was predominantly air pollution and caused a widespread panic among its citizens. These people were used to living a life of clean air with spotless roads. This new piece of information had quite an impact on them. Everyone got alerted, began wearing masks and government immediately reacted to reduce this pollution by drastic measures

Switch back to India , where we are probably topping the list year after year without any doubt. Our pollution levels have gone beyond the acceptable standard of the limits set by the WHO. We have every possible type of air pollution in the road, right from vehicle pollution , industry fumes, air from chimneys, and of course fumes through fires

There’s supposedly a vehicle emission check that’s mandatory for every vehicle, old or new. But all you need to pay is a minimum amount and you get a security clearance for the same, even if your vehicle happen to be 20 years old. Apart from the emission certificate, another important check is the Fitness certificate. Again it its only a formality and its easy to obtain one in the country , if you happen to pay the right amounts to the right people

Old Buses, Autos running on Kerosene and cars with a damaged engine ply in the Indian roads and streets and these can emit very poisonous gas resulting in air pollution. Many industries are located close to the city which emits huge amounts of industrial smoke which already adds to the polluted air. We have been so used to such huge pollution levels that no WHO reports or Pollution control board reports can alarm us in the least

A vehicle parked in the road for just 10 minutes can find itself covered with two layers of dust. Houses are not spared too, as they get accumulated with dust in every nook and corner if the windows are not properly shut. This is a familiar sight in cities like Delhi and Mumbai where the pollution levels are exceedingly high compared to other cities

So when we analyze the imapct of pollution, it can definitely raise some eyebrows
Cough and Cold : Along with pollution, the dust carries all the germs and bacteria along with it , causing frequent coughs and cold. You keep sneezing all the time as the dust gets into your body somehow while breathing

Lung cancer : Its often said that passive smoking is as dangerous as cigarette smoking itself. However it is nothing compared to the smoke levels one inhales in the road while driving or walking. This leads to harmful lung diseases and even cancer

Food : Another harmful impact of air pollution is its effect on food. Food can get rotten quickly or some of these dust can get settled on food items causing further problems

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