Impact of Twitter

When mainstream blogging had made a prominent impact in the world wide web, there was a desperate need and outcry to express thoughts in a much quicker, faster way.
Though Facebook/Orkut/MySpace and other Social networking sites had a status update feature, it was intended to actually share current location or an activity. It wasn’t really meant for sharing small thoughts, titbit information

This was when Twitter was launched. The power and impact of 140 characters in a tweet was phenomenal and unbelievable. It gave people a direct chance to express themselves, but within a line or two. At first, people didn’t really have a clue on what should be done. It took a couple of weeks for them to get a hang of it

Wit, Brevity and Knowledge ruled here. It wasn’t a place for boring people. Long essays and boring paragraphs with lot of content was replaced by 1 line headline with probably a link to the main article. Those who liked the article simply liked the tweet or retweeted to their followers.

Impact for Influencers: The impact of twitter was largely felt by social media influencers and brands. These two came together to create a unified communication for their campaign. Each social media influencer had at least 10,000+ people following them, which gave a huge boost to the product’s paid tweet. Sometimes it was disguised nicely under a normal tweet and got more visibility and shares. While Facebook charged corporate accounts for every post (around 5$) , it was actually free in Twitter. This made companies retweet every post that mentioned positively about them and effectively promoted their image

Sentiment Analysis Impact: Machine learning algorithms were later developed by data scientists, which could easily identify the sentiment of the tweet. It could be positive, negative or even a neutral statement. This gave a clear impact rating of their net business through sentiment scores. The firms quickly setup customer support teams, primarily for twitter and responded to every single negative tweet.

Twitter has had its share of political, economic and cultural impact. When occupy Wall Street protests happened, it was primarily communicated and shared through Twitter with the help of a Hash tag. Same case happened with the Egypt and Tunisia crisis. People trying to spread information were able to post a tweet right from their cell phones, coupled with a “#”. This made it easy for media, news agencies and governments to track and monitor the live ground status
Twitter’s popularity soared when the death of Osama was actually live tweeted by a Pakistani guy, quite unknowingly. This scenario was quite unprecedented in the history of war and politics.
Even Indian government agencies like Foreign Ministry, Broadcast ministry, PMO’s office and the PM himself has managed to successfully wield through Twitter and widely followed by its citizens
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