Impact of Dating Apps

The common factor between Love, Dating and Relationships is that, they always used to be old school. Quite untouched by the hands of technology, love had purity and an earthly charm, unlike anything else.

Men used to carry the most beautiful of flowers, write great love letters and wooed the girl in a gentleman’s way. The lady took her time in deciding if it was a worthy proposal and gave her reply. Sometimes it took days, weeks or months to get an affirmative reply for love. In some cases men have waited even years to make her say yes. Wars were fought for love, as they stood testimony in expressing the amount of one’s love for another

When the World Wide Web silently crept into our lives two decades back, little did we realize that it’ll have so much impact on us. In many a case, it united people living across countries through instant messengers, Skype calls and Facebook chats. There have also been instances where the same internet was responsible in damaging relationships
Things however took a dramatic turn in the world of dating and relationships, when dating apps were launched for the first time. Dating, in the pre-Tinder era meant meeting someone for the first time, called as a blind date. They talked over a series of dinners and coffees to decide whether things could work out between them. It gave each other a genuine chance, to express oneself in the most honest way possible. 
Dating apps, on the other hand meant to do the exact opposite. Apps like Tinder, Truly Madly, Fling etc. brought various people together, through mutual friends or common interests. A dating profile, quite to the contrary had only limited information available about a guy/girl. A bunch of pictures (some of them photo shopped), her name and age was the only info present, to decide if she’s your dating partner or not. The same case was presented to the girl’s side as well, about your life. If both magically happened to “like” each other, a match window was formed. This basically opened up the door for further dating, hook-ups or even a relationship.
The impact, these dating apps had on relationships was quite unpredictable though. There was neither a second chance nor an opportunity to make a mistake. You had to get everything right the first time itself, to make it work. In normal relationships, one always had to depend on the other with the constant fear of not finding anyone else better.
The dating app, on the other hand gave them more choices. Some of these choices included friends of friends, people in the same communities or even people in the same vicinity.
Dating apps definitely had its impact on rising infidelity rates, breakups and casual relationships.
But to some, it also got them to find love …
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