Impact of corruption on Society

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
A statement that is apt for our country perfectly. Corruption has been there in our country even during the British era. One of the key ways through which the East India company crept into the country and setup base was through bribing the kings of the nation.
Many kings were quite greedy when presented with a lot of gold and power that they readily agreed for the British to setup base. This had the maximum impact in Indian history as that single act of corruption led to a complete British rule over India
Even after the British left , corruption never died down in the country. In fact it only grew manifolds. Fast forward to the 21st century and the situation is at its worse. Whatever work you require to be done, it is processed only if you pay a certain amount of bribe . Even if you are firmly against corruption, it has come to a state where you cant get things done without paying a bribe
Another school of thought indicates that it is indeed a blesssing, as noone follows rules. You can get away with anything , provided you pay the right kind of money to the right kind of people. This may be easy but soemthing not justifiable and against the rules
Impact of corruption has far fledged effects on the society and its citizens too. Corruption means that one doesnt get what they rightfully deserve. Many times proper benefits are passed on to the wrong people or someone who is willing to pay more
A corrupted society reflects poorly for an outsider. Services are delayed almost eventually. The standards and quality testing are compromised. Companies who want to launch a substandard product can simply pay a bribe, get certified for quality testing and launch fake/sub standard products in the market. Consuming this can cause ill effects on health and lifestyle.
The same goes with vehicle license and fitness certificates of vehicles. When one gets to drive without license and gets caught by the traffic police, ideal situation would be to warn the rider, serve him with a ticket and disqualify his license the third time he repeats the offense. However in 99% of the cases, all traffic violations are let go if the person is a celebrity or else you pay whatever’s left in your pocket.
This kind of corruption can be a dangerous precedent and only encourages people to commit violations as they are confident that they can be let off with a warning or paying a small amount.
Corruption hampers the normal functioning of a society and indicates the presence of people who have failed to do their job and instead asking for money to do what’s required of them.

I hope the impact of corruption is felt on everyone and someday this system is abolished
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