Impact of Caffeine

A primary morning ritual after waking up, for almost anyone would be to have a nice cup of coffee. No other drink can replace that morning cup of coffee. Be it a juice , tea or a chocolate drink it can never even come close to drinking coffee. The strong aroma, the taste and the caffeine in it can really make it act like a boosting agent to kick start the day

Researchers have found that people take an average of 3 cups of coffee a day if not more. Coffee happens to be one of those few drinks which has the highest caffeine content in it. This amounts to an average intake of 300mg of caffeine per day by the average American. In India, that figure would be around 400-500

Companies have found that the caffeine culture is kinda addictive and have a lot of demand. So they have now to begun diversify and introduce new products that are overloaded with caffeine and sugar.
Some of them include energy drinks, caffeine chocolates, caffeine energy bars and so forth

Studies on impact on caffeine in brain has been quite conflicting among scientists. Some say it keeps the brain active and energized . While some say its not good for the brain and can affect it  in the long run

The biology behind  Caffeine :
When one is awake , the brain utilizes the neurons and these neurons in turn produce adrenosine.
When the adrenosine is depleted, we get a tired and exhausted feeling. Given the similarities of the shape of adrenosine and caffeine, the brain accepts it as a replacement to replenish the neurons and keeps us active. The brain’s inbuilt stimulants dopamine among others can now function to its fullest providing a lot of energy to do things

So the negative impacts of caffeine include :
Sleep depravity : When you consume caffeine, due to the above mentioned reasons, it keeps the brain constantly active and cant let you sleep

Burnout of Energy : Like any other stimulant or medicine, caffeine gives only an instant shot of energy inside the body. After the effects are worn out, you are back to the old self again and experience all the energy depleted in quick time
Stomach upset : Some people have complained about severe indigestion problems after having excessive caffeine through coffee and other foods. This is because caffeine has the capability to increase the acid content in the body and at the same time remove water content. Thereby making us feel dehydrated. Heartburn is another recent side effects of caffeine that’s doing the rounds
Positive effects

On the other hand caffeine carries a lot of positive impacts as well. Scientists believe that caffeine aids in weight loss, reduce disk of ailments and diseases and also has important nutrients like magnesium and potassium. Coffee with caffeine is also known to have high sources of antioxidants in it.
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