Music Hits of Harris Jeyaraj

Harris Jeyaraj is a popular music director down south of India who’s well known for his addictive tunes and pleasant melodies. The bass guitar along with a rhythmic beat is quite evident in most of his songs right from Leysa Leysa till his recent movie Gethu
Yes, it can be a bit repetitive sometimes but it altogether calls for a nice listening and certainly pleasing to the ears. Some of his most favourite hit movies includes  : Kaakha Kaakha, Leysa Leysa, Yennai Arindhaaal , Vaaranam Aayiram , Minnale , Ayan , Ghajini and Vettaiyaadu Vilayadu
These songs had a beautiful rhytm and catchy tunes that made it an instant superhit and was on a complete loop in my playlist  for a long time. The combo between Gautham Vasudev Menon and Harris Jeyaraj was basically the highlight among this and predominantly all of their songs was a huge hit
In his discography, my favourite songs would include :
Uyirin Uyire – Kaakha Kaakha  : A peppy pulsating and a fast song, this totally gets the adrenaline going with full energy. Vocals and background scores are phenomenal and probably one of Harris ‘s best composition till date

Azhagiya Theeye : A beautiful melody from Minnale, it makes you smile and wonder at the most beautiful things in life as you get immersed in this song. A mix of English and Tamil lyrics juxtaposed in the song, it is a bit quirky in the middle and gives it a funky outlook
Adiye Kolluthe – Vaaranam Aayiram : A typical Harris Jeyaraj song, tailor made for Surya , this is a beautiful dance number that is accompanied by a bass and electric guitar . The picturization just added to  the glitz and glamour of this song, stylishly shot in Berkeley , San Francisco
Suttum Vizhi Sudare – Gajini : If you found your feet automatically moving and tapping the floor in a specific rhythm, it was probably because Suttum Vizhi sudare was playing in the background.  With a very beautiful lyric defining the beauty of a girl from her eyes, to her hair and body, it’s a wonderful composition and a tune from Harris Jeyaraj and was on # in the Charts for a very long time. A song that fully revolves around metaphors it received critical praise for its lyrics as well
Ennamo Yedho – Ko : A similar tune from the movie , KO, this track sung by Aalaap Raju had lyrics written by Madhan Karky ,and picturized in the beautiful valley of Kodaikanal. From the start to beginning, it screamed of Harris Jeyaraj’s signature especially the portions revolving around the beats
Oru Maalai – Ghajini : This terrific number by Karthik remains to be one of the best melodies in the past decade . Of course it warrants repetitive listening to get addicted and transported to a different world

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