Impact of knowledge

If one had watched yesteryear movies in Tamil, there was a particular film in which three goddesses challenged each other on whose power was greater. The first god challenged that the man she chose will have supreme strength and power to defeat anyone. The second god remarked saying her chosen guy will have all the riches in the world, which makes him buy anything he wants

The third and most important goddess, Saraswati openly challenged that the winner will only be her chosen guy, cos she has imparted knowledge in him. While the others laughed at her audacity, she was quite confident that a person with knowledge can acquire anything in the world or defeat anything that comes at him.

Knowledge is power. Impact of knowledge can lead to several things in the world. Knowledge is the key for innovation, to design new things and save countless human lives. Without knowledge, we live an aimless life and not understand the science behind everything. The skill that knowledge imparts can make you grow into anything you want. Be it a doctor, engineer, airforce pilot or even a detective, you need an out of box thinking coupled with good knowledge on your subject.
Knowledge doesnt merely mean mugging up the school and college books and scoring high marks. Unfortunately the current education system focuses only on how much you can remember than how much you understand. Application of a concept on to a practical subject reflects pure understanding and knowledge of the person.

You may be super rich and own several houses, companies, cars etc. But without knowledge it can all go away if you are unaware of managing your funds nor possess the know-how to invest in the right things correctly

Similarly you may be strong and powerful. You can lift heavy weights easily, can fight off any opponent in a fight or a duel. But that’s not where it ends. In the current world, the fights are not physical. A knowledgeable person can outsmart his stronger opponent through clever techniques. A person who has street sense, quick to his feet and can come up with unique ideas always wins the game. Not necessarily the guy who has the stronger muscle.

A man armed with knowledge can walk into any interview and secure his dream job, work his way up through the corporate ladder and get promoted quickly by working smart. Have you wondered why the guy who slogs the most and works so harder may not be recognized, but the guy who has the knowledge to do things smartly is promoted quickly.
Similarly a good knowledge can make a man think on his feet, knows how to survive and even make a lot of money in a smart way. It could be through his knowledge of the stock market, or his investment techniques or even make money online through his creative skills

The Impact of knowledge is the most powerful thing in the world

As they say, Knowledge is definitely power

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