Impact of LitFests on Books

Books are a treasure for those who really understand the importance and greatness of it. It is an asset that has to be preserved for ages to come and passed on to the future generations. The information and content provided in books has no equivalent to anything else. You may look up several things in the internet, play games and read the news in the internet, but there’s no match to a sit down with a good old book

A man’s outlook, character, body language and even words are usually characterized by his literary knowledge which comes through reading many books.

The advent of internet has caused a massive impact in book reading habits. People no longer spend quality time in purchasing nor reading books. Most of their time is either distracted through social networks like Facebook and Twitter and hardly have time to even flip through books.  Amazon’s Kindle reader and E-book technology had a initial push for people to read books online but that too didnt really pick up the way they wanted it to be

One final resort was holding LitFest’s to spread the idea of books . LitFests are held in selected cities across India where distinguished authors promote their recently released books and also discuss key topics that’s been circulating. On a positive note, Litfests have managed to pull in a lot of crowd, the ones who are serious about reading and even for those who want to take writing as a career. They are exposed to the world of authors and their writing styles, experiences and the joy of writing a book

This not only encourages budding authors, but also urges other passive readers to pick up a book immediately and start reading. The large congregation helps you to meet new people who are also book fanatics and helps you share that common vibes. Last time I met a group of people who had a book challenge going on where each person had to complete at least 52 books that year. That’s 1 book per week which can be quite tough sometimes given the work and family responsibilities and even your travel commitments. But this challenge makes you overcome that and you end up having a book by your side all the time

You want to read up all the novels of your favourite author and even quiz him on a factual mistake he may have committed in one of the books during the litfest. LitFests are currently happening mainly in Chennai, Jaipur and Kolkatta which has received some positive attention from the community . There’s only been a call to have more of these in other cities as well to spread the notion of book reading .
Hopefully the internet and the digital revolution should interfere on book reading habits and it continues its existence for several generations

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