Chennai’s Navigation System

Chennai, one among the largest cities in India, only next to Mumbai and Delhi, has plenty to offer for almost every kind of people. Being a metro, it boasts of highly developed infrastructure facilities, amusement parks, beaches, parks, ancient temples, forts and entertainment zones for the entire family
One of India’s primary concerns is the growing traffic that’s causing innumerable distress and suffering to the people living in the large cities. This problem however is not of a big concern when it comes to Chennai because of its well planned navigational facilities aided with infrastructure to back it up . It’s one of the very few cities in India that boasts of a maximum no of flyovers, bridges, MRTS system, Metro train, Electric Suburban trains, Buses and what not.
A city that connects every place to place with well-organized transport system has really been appreciated and welcomed by its residents.Several decades back, the city had even a boat system through the Buckingham canal that was flowing in the heart of the city, which has now been ceased to exist and replaced with high tower buildings, roads and train systems. A city, where you can easily go from one place to another even in the midst of a peak hour, within the hour
A similar statement cannot be made with respect to other cities like Mumbai or Bangalore or even Delhi where the traffic situation is horrendous. Even going to a nearby place will take you at least 45mins-1 hour. Catching a flight or a train in Bangalore is almost a feat as more often than not you end up missing the train, thanks to the perennial traffic situation
Chennai on the other hand thanks to great navigational facilities has implemented a proper routing system. Both Airport and Chennai Railway station is connected by a electric train system which runs on time and completely dependable. Additionally the metro train is also connecting the bus stands to the airport which aids even more in navigation
The roads are well spaced out , routes properly planned and one way navigation system is implemented in lot of places to smoothen out the traffic. In most places, you just have to keep going without much stopping for a signal or a traffic jam. Yes there are instances where there were huge traffic jams, thanks to a holdup by a political party or VIP’s travelling.  But otherwise the traffic is largely controlled and monitored compared to any other city. A person used to this kind of navigation system will however suffer a lot when he shifts to Bangalore or Mumbai where he’s never use to being seeing vehicles stuck for miles together
Of course every system needs continual improvement, and hope some new changes can make things only easier for Chennaiites for a smooth navigation system
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