A Fantastico Author

I guess I may have written several posts on my huge passion towards books and more importantly fiction. The creative stories, imaginative places and the description of the actual setting makes me absorbed into the story as I identify myself with one of the characters.
Very few authors can write good fiction which cant resist people resist turning the page over as soon as possible. In these rare breed of storytellers, my favourite would include the world famous Jeffrey Archer.

Known for his wit , skillful story writing and of course a major twist in his plots , Jeffrey archer is read by everyone from people of age nearly 10 to 70 years . He enjoys a particularly large fan following especially in India and the US than his home country, UK.

Some of his fantastico novels include : Kane & Abel , The Fourth Estate, The Prodigal Daughter, Shall we tell the President , Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less etc. None of his novels follow the same plot or twist or even the same category of stories. However the only thing that you can find common among his novels is his unpredictable endings

His most famous and Fantastico novel till date however would be his Kane & Abel. Spanning across three generations, this amazing piece of novel made him to be called as the “Master Storyteller”. A book that cant be put down, this epic novel was a grand book that left one stunned after reading. The book was obviously his best selling book of all times and had a mixture of all emotions including humor, anger, sorrow and also a lot of action . Two characters, parallel stories, stories set in past present and future, it was completely one of its kind

His latest 7 part series, The Clifton Chronicles attempts to do something like that where the story will be told across 4-5 generations from 1900’s to the late 2010’s. A series of this magnitude has never been attempted by any author before. 5 books out of the 7 has been published till now and I must admit that all 5 have been engrossing, riveting and definitely fantastico. The story about Harry Clifton , his talents and his epic life history is the basic premise of this novel. Be it company takeovers, murders, politics , backstabbings, war or even good old humour, these books have them all.

Incidentally he also specializes in short story collections that really can make the readers get shocked when they come to the ending as they never saw it coming. He skilfully shows how a good story can be written in just 12-13 pages and at the same leave the readers stunned every single time
I had the opportunity to meet this Fantastico author twice in Chennai and it was truly a memorable experience.

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