Windows 10 – A Free Upgrade

How to do a free upgrade to Windows 10 ?

Microsoft Windows has offered their latest version of Windows for free ( yes , you heard that right ) for all existing (genuine) Windows 7 and 8  (Home/Basic versions) users ( Unfortunately not for XP or Win & Enterprise Users at the moment )
The following will not work if you are working on a pirated copy of Windows.

Steps to get a free upgrade :

Ensure all the Windows updates has been completed
(if your system is on a automatic update option , you can ignore this, else read on )

Click on the Start Menu
-> Control Panel
       >-  Windows Updates

Click on Check for updates in the left hand side
This takes a while as Windows tries to check and install the latest updates

You will be prompted to install two kinds of updates
1) Important Updates
2) Optional Updates

Install both of the above options.. This process of downloading and installation takes atleast an hour or so to complete based on your internet speed and  the no of updates to be installed in your system
Once done, restart your system

You’ll now notice a Windows icon right next to the system clock in the bottom right hand of your computer. Click on that icon .
Select -> Reserve free upgrade of Windows 10

You’ll be notified once you get a slot post which you can upgrade your system to Windows 10 easily

Remember, there wont be any loss of data/pictures/music or any applications in your system and everything will be preserved the way it is earlier. So you have absolutely nothing to worry.

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