Taaz Ki Dhamaka – MaxFresh Move

Ever since the video of Colgate’s Max Fresh Ad featuring Allu Arjun and Anushka came out , everyone seems to be on their toes tripping on the dance floor to the song . I am certainly no exception to this and I should admit was quite addicted to this invigorating peppy dance number. The ad features popular Tollywood Star Allu Arjun waking up to this dance number and kicks off the wedding party in a grand manner making everyone in the venue stepping up for a quick move as VJ Anushka manages the audio console in the background spinning out the tracks. This innovative concept from Colgate featuring a dance video of two popular stars dancing to the Max Fresh Taaz Ki Damaaaka number seems to have been perfectly constructed. It has struck the right chord to all audiences making it a huge success
The dance number has indeed gone quite viral, especially among the youth and its playing almost everywhere I seem to go. The addictive song is now a hit among even small kids who seem to dance to their hearts out, the minute it plays on TV or on Youtube .
Below I have picturized a video of a small kid in the neighbourhood, happily dancing to the tune of Taaz ki Dhamaaka . Watch it here : https://youtu.be/VhGZeOkqZK0

Watch the popular ad of Allu Arjun dancing to the tune of Taaz Ki Dhamaaka here

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