Airtel 4G – The Fastest Network Ever!

Back in  2000, we all waited patiently with our bulky desktops for those 3 blinking lights to appear in our modem as it makes a slow dialup connection to the ISP and tried logging into our Mail , which took another eternity just to display the Login page. Browsing websites was actually a luxury and all one could hope to see was its low-res HTML version. Media downloads was out of the question as the download speed was around 4KB/Sec. So downloading an audio MP3 track took anywhere between 30-45 minutes

Movies were strictly confined to DVD’s from the nearby store or rather feel content watching a relatively old video in TV. Thankfully the IT revolution caught up much quicker than expected, to significantly boost internet speeds from dialup to fixed line connections to broadband, WiFI and even WiLan in some places

The mobile internet technology caught up in parallel as well from providing on demand “pocket internet settings” which advanced to 2G, 3G and finally to the most advanced next gen technology has arrived, namely 4G. Most technologists would however agree to the irony that the rate of smartphone adoption was nowhere close to the roll out of high speed internet features by the telecom providers. Not just smartphones, but phones that would even support 3G or 4G were just gaining popularity as people began to realize the power and potential of such blazing speed internet connections. They finally ditched their “buttoned” phones and migrated to touch screen smartphones that can support a seamless connectivity of a 3G/4G technology.

Incidentally, Airtel is the first company in India to offer the fastest mobile internet technology, 4G to its consumers and I should admit most people are already excited about it. It’s been simultaneously rolled out in 296 cities The connectivity and the blazing speed of downloads offers an unlimited potential to its consumers

So if I were to get my hands on this 4G technology in my phone , here are the list of the things I would

1.      Youtubing All day : I usually confined watching videos in Youtube only at home, in a Wifi connection ,thanks to my earlier slow 2G connection speeds and data limits. With the power of Airtel 4G, I would probably even switch to the 1080 or even the 4K version of videos to watch it stream effortlessly in the highest definition possible with no lags or buffering disrupts
2.      Movie downloads : Being a huge movie buff , I watched movies almost everyday. My usual process would include putting a movie to download overnight in my laptop and it would take its usual 7-8 hours to download a decent 1 GB print. But thanks to Airtel 4G , I can download this movie in less than 5 mins in my phone itself
3. Video Calling and Conferencing : With a HD  Front camera enabled smartphones, video calling can now be done free to almost anyone in the world and that too in a seamless way with no lags, thanks to the 4G internet speeds provided by Airtel
4. Browsing : Wherever I travel , I’m powered by the 4G connection and that gives me access to latest news, videos in my phone and also able to browse social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc simultaneously
5. Creating Hotspots  : Sharing is the best thing one can do . So why not share my 4G speed with others too. With the Hotspot option in my phone, I’ll create a Wifi Hotspot zone around me , and let all my friends revel in the 4G speed as well
6. Sharing Pictures : With a blazing download and upload speed, I’ll be able to share my pictures and videos to my friends and also upload in social networks almost instantly
7. Increase Work Productivity : With the Airtel 4G Pack,  I can even log in through my mobile to office applications and start using my time effectively, thereby improving my work productivity
8. Start Online shopping : With a quick loading time, I can start shopping in popular sites like Flipkart,Amazon, Snapdeal etc and browse their huge range of collections from their respective apps aided with my Airtel 4G internet pack

What would you do given a Airtel 4G pack ? Do comment your answers

Thankfully to lessen the burden of their customers, Airtel is offering 4G at the existing 3G prices and all you need to get a sim car is to tweet them with  #GetAirtel4G  and you’ll get a free home delivery of the Airtel 4G sim card. So what are you waiting for? 

Go try it out now  :

Check the Airtel 4G Challenge down below : 

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