Quikr NXT : A next gen marketplace

There was a time when classifieds was a small piece of news item in the paper with almost little info about the product being so. All there was a basic phone no, one line description about the item and seller’s name. One had to laboriously call up the owner, haggle over the price, schedule an appointment where both were free, travel up to the owner’s place and see the product, which in most probability was damaged beyond a certain degree
However the launch of Quikr.com, an online classifieds site changed the dynamics of the marketplace completely. Wherever you were in the country, all you had to do was login to quikr.com, choose a category (for example Cars), Choose a Brand of Car , See the Listings of the ads and respond to the ad that you liked
However their recent addition to their app and site has taken things to an all new level. The update includes a change to the way you communicate with your buyers or sellers. From now on, one can merely buy or sell using the chat feature in the site/app with Quikr Nxt. You can hide your contact details from everyone and respond to incoming enquiries or contact sellers through a simple chat message from the quikr site. Given below are some key advantages of this new feature in Quikr.com

  • Security: In a quite unsafe country, it is imperative one maintains their personal details very secure and not share their phone numbers in a public forum, visible to all. So the chat feature actually helps people to hide their numbers, and simply transact the whole deal of buying/selling with messages. This way it helps you to filter out most of the fake buyers and retain only genuine contacts. This comes very handy, especially for women who’d like to be not bothered by repeated callers or to people who are simply calling with no plans of buying.  It gives the power in your hands to decide whom and when to message.

  • Sharing Information: In many cases, you’d be getting a bunch of callers enquiring about the product’s technical specifications and you have to repeat the same thing again and again, to each and every caller. Also the buyer can see more photos or other info , only while directly going to the place of purchase (apart from the originally posted photos in the quikr site). With this exciting chat feature, one can easily copy the technical info and forward it to any incoming enquires asking for further details about the product at one go. All it needs is a copy paste function in your PC/Phone. Plus, you can directly click any no of photos as requested by the buyer and send him through the messages app itself. Example, if a person is selling a car and has posted the front view of the car, but if the buyer wants photos of the interiors, all he has to do is simply message the seller to take photos of the car interiors and share the pictures with him through Quikr Nxt itself.

  • Chat History  : Posting a good product can elicit a good many number of calls from several buyers. Given the numerous no of calls, it’s almost impossible to keep track of who called when and save all the caller details to respond to later. Additionally you may not even remember the agreed amount or the transaction details with all of them .With this chat feature, all your chat history is saved and hence you don’t need to keep track of all the persons who had contacted you .You can simply review the chat history to learn the list of enquires received through, making it very easier to respond to all of them with a simple text with Quikr Nxt

  • Asynchronous messaging: Most times we are stuck in meetings and don’t have the comfort of picking up calls and talking detail with the buyers, which can make you lose some good deals. This is easily tackled with the genuine buyers messaging at their free time and you can respond to them once you are out of the meeting making it an easy, efficient asynchronous communication

Do check out their site and app for more details : www.quikr.com

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