The Good Wife – The Debate (S06E12) : A Review

Normally sticking to its original plot and storyline for the past few seasons, Good Wife has little ventured into taking head on mainstream politics, racism and national headlines or the ramifications thereof, apart from the occasional jibes at NSA’s spying accusations. ( Though you did get to see it seem to challenge several US Court decisions and sometimes even ridicule military court)

However today’s episode (The Debate : S06 E12)  was a tip of the iceberg, a deal breaker for an already brilliantly written show to highlight the angst , desperation and the injustice towards the verdict of the Ferguson verdict . This is probably “The Newsroom” territory for Ridley Scott and his team of writers who has actually tried a novel attempt at deftly expressing the ground reality in the form of a debate.

It’s hard to find such good quality writing in most TV Shows today, barring a few and no surprise that The Good Wife ranks the top , though I am still disappointed , Julianna Margulies couldnt win the Golden Globes for the best supporting Actress in a TV drama

Additionally the writers also seem to claim that the whole episode was written and filmed prior to the grand jury decisions in the Ferguson case and yet seem to be phenomenally in sync with the actual verdict and that is quite something !

You could be reading dozens of negative reviews mainly in the aim to generate more traffic to their “so called” entertainment websites, but you can be rest assured that they most probably get classified into a junk and this is an episode that should not be missed .

Cant wait for the next episode to begin….

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