Superpowers and Love

There are very few days that can literally lit up a person’s lives like any other. From a sombre melancholic mood indulging in a routine 9-6 shift, the person experiences a sudden shift in the paradigm, a break from the rules, discharge from the daily duties, and come out to gain true bliss with peace, love and happiness.  One such day is Valentine’s Day
Some people, who are unlucky in love, may call it an overrated hyped up day. Some people may just treat it as just like any other day. But it’s a world of difference for people who are genuinely in love and would want to express their love in the most special, romantic and yet unique way, so much so that it actually becomes a challenge on how different you can make the day for her to make it an unforgettable moment. A birthday surprise party planning actually pales in comparison to the amount of thought process for a Valentine’s Day special
Suppose if by god’s grace I were to be granted unlimited powers on this Valentine ’s Day, it led me to think what can I do to make it a never before unforgettable experience for the one I love
Unlimited powers meant endless possibilities and only the skies were the limit, or was it ?
Given the face that time is the key to everything ,the first super power ( as I would begin to call it) that I’ll deploy is to make it a never ending day , until I call it a day off (quite literally). That would probably give me enough time to make a grand plan 
The key things to a successful plan include Exotic Locations, Good Food, Nice Dresses, Good Company, Music and most of all the experience. My super powers will ensure that V-Day plan will have all of them in abundance.
So here goes the master plan .
Valentine’s day begins with a purchase of top quality fashion products from Online fashion retailers like Jabong, Myntra ,Amazon etc. This time though I don’t need any super powers, cos I have to hunt and get all those secret deals for me to buy them at very cheap, discounted prices
Whenever one mentions the word love, the only city that comes to our mind is Paris. One of the most beautiful cities in the world, Paris can be a location that be undeniable beautiful to spend Valentine ’s Day, at least most parts of it.
So the journey with my love would begin in a Private supersonic jet from my city directly to Paris that would reach in just a few hours’ time. As we descend into the city of love and poetry, we can’t help but notice the amazing time that we’d be spending here. The lush gardens, the roadside cafes serving delicious croissants, cupcakes and coffee, quaint bookstores singing the praise of Shakespeare and Milton and the charming florists who can make the entire city smell beautiful with their evergreen daffodils, roses and violets
Whisked directly away from the private airfield in a Rolls Royce like a true royal, we’d set to explore the beautiful streets of Paris, gets mesmerized in their architecture and splendour. As we sip their hot French wines accompanied with a delicious chocolate waffle, we already have our sights in our next destination. We head over to another large field, where a huge Hot Air Balloon awaits us. As we hop in and get settled , the balloon rises above the magnificent city giving yet another of amazing view that one can only imagine in their dreams . We bask in the glory of the Eiffel Tower rising way above the skylines into the deep misty clouds as we descend yet another time from the balloon
From Paris we take the supersonic jet to a very short trip to Venice .The City of rivers we wander across the town , not by foot , or by a rowing boat, but for a change, we Jet Ski around the town splashing the waters across the little streets that snakes its way around the town
The last but one plan would obviously to adorn her with all the crown jewels filled with the rarest of metals like Platinum, Ruby, Emerald, Palladium and of course Diamond
Everything would be followed by a wonderful dinner, cooked by me at my home in a candle night setting as the night whizzes by
Last but not the least, I had decided I would actually be a little benevolent and actually use my final super power for the people than me. I will use my super power to go about spreading the joy of love to everyone in the world magically, joining people who are meant to be together, resolving differences between couples who had separated for the wrong reasons and glorifying love everywhere . Love everywhere will be so strong ,thanks to the super power and relationships will be rock solid with no resulting heartbreaks . I think that one thing will be enough to satisfy my valentine or rather every other person who desires to love and be loved
The night finally comes to an end
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