Cupid games of Valentine – A Bold proposal

Valentine’s Day, according to me is a day that has ennobled the concept of love. It has witnessed a renaissance in the past decade with increased enthusiasm, participation amongst people across the world to make it an even special day. For those in love, it’s a magical day that makes them forget everything else in life and try to cherish their love with their loved ones. For others, it gives them a brazen confidence to approach the one they love and propose to them in a bold daring manner. Some may be successful and get a positive reply, while some may be turned down unfortunately. 
Nevertheless, this special day of love comes just once in a year and almost everyone would probably have their creative minds in motion. It urges them to do something very special for their love, something very artistic, bold, romantic and in a way that expresses their undying love to each other.
If I was in a similar stance of conveying my love to my Valentine, here’s how I would do it:
To begin with, I’ll come up with a concrete set of ideas to make the proposal and also have additional backup plans if the primary one fails due to various reasons.
I would call her the previous night itself to check her schedule for the following day and see if she’s free for the day. With all hope there should be nothing that should spoil my plans
On the dawn of this special day, I would rise up early and get a nice brush with Close-up paste to give me that extra confidence and that glitter in my smile 
On my way to pick her up, I would collect the fresh bunch of roses, dark chocolate I had ordered a few days, along with the gifts that I had already bought.I would take her to a luxury restaurant for an American breakfast that includes Pancakes, Sandwich and Juice which is actually her favorite
Finishing breakfast I would ask her if I can take her out on a drive, though wouldn’t hint at what are the things that’s been planned. I would then take her out to a theater and present her tickets for a movie which she was dying to watch, but couldn’t get tickets earlier.
The next agenda on the plan would be to take her to yet another favorite activity of hers : Laser-Tag
Running around the arena, with the adrenaline pumping and shooting people with laser pointed guns would  definitely increase her excitement and also let get of some of the pressure she’s been having lately
Knowing her fully well , her inevitable next question would be : What’s next ? 
I would drive her away to the final most exciting plan of the day. The destination would be the Shipping Port of Chennai. After parking the car , I would ask her to be blindfolded, while I lead her to a dock where a beautiful mini cruise ship would be awaiting her (I will have arranged for a mini trip in the cruise ship for 3-4 hours with my group of friends earlier)  I would unwrap her blindfold and watch her reel in joy at the sight of the ship. The ship’s banner would have her name ,with a welcome sign 
 As she runs towards the ship inside,she would find herself surrounded by all our close friends, screaming “Surpriseee … !” .  
The ship would slowly start sailing ,and after a brief amount of time as the revelation sets in ,I would call out her name through the speaker to join me in the main front deck. As I watch her coming towards me, I would signal the DJ to play “There was a time…” song by Elton John . 
I would then kneel down in one leg and propose to her with a ring in my hand and ask her if she would love me back ,watching her priceless reaction, forever waiting for her nod of approval.
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