The Power of Zest

That’s life. Maybe the only thing we can do is accept it, without really knowing what’s going on.

Everyone endures several twists and turns in their life, not knowing whats in store the next day
But to survive each and everyday ,what we require is a Zest or a passion that can add some excitement to our life
Coming to think of the things  ( people or situation) that adds zest to my life  , find below my top 5 Zests ..

A) Friends  : Almost everyone has a friend that can add a whole new meaning to your life  . They could be someone who always stands next to you and be a constant pillar of support to you. They stand by your down and high times and add that zeal which will never make you feel alone

To me , the biggest thing that adds a zest to my life is my friends whom I can owe a great a deal

B) Adventure :  One of those popular things people normally do is taking trips outside the city. It could be a long drive or probably a vacation to a hill station or a beach or a hill city .
However to me , the thing that adds the biggest zest to my life is an adventure.
The adventure may vary from river rafting in the major rivers , or a mountain climbing experience in the great mountains of Himalayas or scuba diving in the deep Indian oceans to explore the sealife

C) Speed : There are several ways in which people get a rush . For some it could be getting a hot girlfriend, for some, it could frequently escaping the jaws of death and for some , including me, its speed
Speed to me is like amphetamine, a powerful stimulating drug that triggers the brain giving a immediate rush and a sense of pleasure , thrill adding to a maximum zest one can ever experience

D) First Job  : One of the key moments / situations in life that gave me a great zest to my life was getting my first job. Almost unexpected ,things happened so fast over night and I landed a wonderful job in a great company . The way in which the events unfolded and my life changing almost upside down , from almost nobody to a professional with a respectable designation has given me the biggest zest in life till date

E) My Car :What better joy and happiness can one get , apart from getting their very own car . A zestful dream that was fulfilled by one’s hard work and savings , that they can proudly drive it around the city  . An object that’s almost taken care like their own child than any other object .

The thrill of driving around the city , the loud thumping beats , with a leather paneled reclining seats in my beautiful shining car can add a massive zest to my life 

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