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Thanks to I recently discovered a wonderful ,unique one of its kind website that brings to together all automobile & driving enthusiasts across the country, called The Car Connect,

Car Connect unlike other travel sites, is more of a travel experience forum where thousands of  users across India ,who love long drives and consider to be more of a passion  frequenting the highways ,share their experience about the trip ,travel companion and more importantly their car

The site offers a fresh experience while sharing a travel experience to be read and acknowledged by several other people who share a similar interest . Whats more illuminating and a bit amusing, more than the trip by itself, people’s descriptive nature to share their car’s make, model and performance . The energy to bring it out the liking they have towards their car can be really worthwhile reading and actually give a tip or two to many people who are interested in buying a new car

Apart from sharing car experiences and long drive experiences , car connect allows you to find and compare the latest cars in the market, identify  cars that are in your budget, be up to date with the latest trends of the auto industry and above all, interact with like-minded people sharing similar interests and network with them . This one point alone can be a huge USP for such a wonderful site which attempts to do what other sites cant do or failed to achieve
Share your Experience 

Sharing your experience couldnt be any easier in car connect, and all you need is a facebook account and you can sign up in almost instantly and start posting your stories . I posted my narrowing account of my recent car experience while driving to a party in and just earned my bronze badge succesfully
Earn your Badge !

To make things more interesting , carconnect has a feature of awarding badges and merchandise to individuals who regularly post their experiences in total of 5 experiences earns you a silver badge and the first 500 to unlock the Gold Badge receive an exciting CarConnect branded mug

The other badges include Gold, Platinum and the Diamond and users can get some exciting goodies including Tshirts , Key chains and even added to expert panels in CarConnect community and included for their meets

To know more about the CarConnect program and the various badges do check out this link :
Car News :

Another exciting and must visit section is the car news page where you get to read about latest rumours and exciting launches from major car manufacturers . It really helps in staying updated on the automobile trends to understand where the market is heading

Among the new launches section I was actually surprised to learn that Ford is launching a new variant of their flagship model , Ford Fiesta for just 7.69 Lakhs, which comes as a surprise news for many people including me who are considering to buy a sedan in the mid 8 Lakh Range and this actually can fit in one’s budget very comfortably and with Ford’s reputation it should definitely be a big hit
Read the full news here :
Network & Chat with the Experts
Well you have blogged about your experience, read the latest news on the auto market. Just dont wait any longer , fire up the chat option in car and start networking with thousands of other car enthusiasts ! Login to the chat room in the below link

Do connect with me at Car-Connect by searching for Karthik H
Happy Driving & Car-Connecting Folks !!

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