Baggout shopping with a celebrity

Being Human with Baggout

After scouring for several hours for good deals in fashion and electronics I found myself giving up with the conclusion that there are no good reliable deal sites that can actually do a data crawl across different sites to find the best option
With the onset of e-commerce, sites like and were quick to catch on the bandwagon and create a site that can do a data crawl across multiple operators and get the best available options. scourged more than 1000+ bus operators across the country and gave the best lowest prices on different buses between destinations. on the other hand gave a complete movie/play listing of all the theatres and movies in a city and gave a one stop shop to book tickets
I wondered with the possibility that it may not be however true for e-retailing in the fashion, electronics, mobiles markets. However my assumption was grossly misstated , when I chanced upon . is a site that can traverse through of 100’s of online retailers aiming to find the perfect deals that can offer to almost 50% of discounts or cashbacks .  The sites included , ,, and several other sites that could offer latest designs in apparel, mobiles, electronics, watches and much more . The site also allowed users to share interesting deals and showcase latest trends in fashion , new arrivals where people can easily navigate the site, search for the desired product , go through the link and avail the discounts and cash backs for the product
I imagined a hypothetical scenario if an interesting personality wants to shop through and I choose the celebrity to be our own Bhai ,Salman Khan
Salman Khan known for his peculiar taste in dressing esp in tshirts , would want to look for something different and interesting.A design that he likes to experiment with or something that hasn’t caught up yet. Sites like Jabong, , and several other sites always come up with thousands of new products almost everyday and its hard to keep track what’s new and which could be the next biggest thing in the fashion industry. So on the hypothetical scenario , Salman would login to ,by first creating a profile  .
He’s amazed at hundredes of participating retailers including ,,,, ShoppersStop, ,,, to name a few, offering amazing cashbacks and discounts

After narrowing it down to clothing, Salman checks out the top trending items in clothing as of today and after thinking about it in detail, prefers he should probably go in for a hemline Pseudo collared Vneck shirt from Proline or Indian Terrain. His choices to buy now include,, and

 He now finds that Jabong and offers a massive discount of 40% irrespective of min order amount , when applied a deal code of WOW40 , which he learns it through . He immediately sets down to filter his choices in the two sites and finds the exact tshirt he’s looking for . Actually not the one he started for or wanted to buy but his eyes struck something that could be perfect for him. A Simple crisp “BEING HUMAN” tshirt that could totally project him anywhere he could .
He immediately places the order in the cart , applies the coupon code “WOW40” as specified by and checks out the delivery page

He finds the shirt delivered to him in less than one and half days and he proudly wears it in his promo for the trailer of his latest film “KICK”

Jai HO  !!

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