How I met my TreSemme !

TRESemmme’ hair product is a magical elixir hidden inside a wonder bottle , that can actually create miracles to your hair . What was once a “let-go” and hopeless condition is now transformed into a thick,lustrous and shiny dazzling hair 
 TRESemme’ had a solution for every type of hair be a it frizzy , unkempt hair or a dry/rough hair or a damaged/breakage prone hair . The TRESamme’ “magical potion”  contains ingredients like vitamin H ,silk proteins and Keratin extracts(which you can normally find in only very expensive premium International products) . They stand true to their promise ,that it’s got the capability and right solution to fix any type of hair , on regular usage

I had a great opportunity to use their pair of shampoo and conditioner and trust me , just a whif of it conditoner smell really delighted the olfactory senses of the body . That instant, i realized one thing is wrong. Its just not for women . It works just fine for men ,and really helps in maintaining the shine and luster of the hair , despite the fact that mine was a super rough ,dry hair .

I was too happy to pass on the bottle to my friend , who happened to use it for her long yet dry and rough hair . TRESemme’ s shampoo and conditioner made just perfect sense for her style and she couldn’t believe the transformation right in front of her eyes. The change consisted of a long ,plaited, boring, dull hair to a ultra model , ramp ready hair and a shine that never existed before.

It was actually a “How I met your Mother” moment with a gentleman in an uncombed yet smooth shining hair and a gorgeous women in a classical yet ultra modern look, thanks to TRES’emme

 Scene/Act 1 :
When i first introduced the product to my friend and explained her the awesomeness of this product ,she was just laughing about it

Scene/Act 2 : I gave her the product to use it and bet on her , that she could transform her hair instantly to ramp ready after using TRES’emme

Scene /Act 3  :  After using it , she had to give in and accept defeat. The product actually worked wonders on her and she’s become a loyalist ever since

Scene / Act 4 :  The final result was unbelievable and that’s how I met your mother 🙂

For more details visit their link in Youtube : TRESemmé India Youtube channel.

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