Relationship marketing

The  social networking revolution has brought in a rapid change and transform the way companies interact and sustain a lengthy profitable relationship with their customers.
In other words, the lifetime value for a customer ,if properly nurtured , can actually be boosted over a period of time, given the right treatment by the marketing team.. A meaningful ,relevant and useful direct marketing approach and through extensive interaction with customer helps identify the delta between the customer’s needs and the products usability
The  Facebook  boom and the Twitter era has led the companies one stop closer to their customer to directly interact and find out their likes/dislikes and make them actively engage in their promotions, communications, thus resulting in a definite advantage in the market share race and  creating stronger relationships
Healthcare is one such industry that can immensely gain from  relationship marketing by understanding their customer’s problems and actively engaging in day to day health issues and providing customized and cost effective healthcare solutions which acts as a win-win for both sides

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