Direct Marketing by Dell

The digital revolution of the 20th century set upon another rebellion and clutter in the technology market, among the different brands.  The need to differentiate arose not only in the products but also in how they sold. The lack of customization and flexibility literally toughened sales in the usual wholesaler retail channel. The idea of selling computers directly to consumers, by eliminating all middlemen was completely new-fangled. 

It originated from Dell, who began selling their computers directly to consumers, online, and aimed at selling effective computing solutions. The computers were custom assembled as per the list of options provided, and were sold at far cheaper prices than their retailer counterparts. It further branched out to sell printers, servers, digital cameras and televisions.

Dell began to become the number one PC     provider in the US and also offered great PC deals directly to consumers and businesses. It included all kinds of software/ anti-virus promotions, Dell coupons code and Dell PC buying incentives available all over the internet. Their key target market of large and medium enterprises, embraced the new method of their selling online and became a runaway success, and soon adopted by every player in the market. 

Its interesting to wait and see , how the direct marketing could ply out in other businesses as well esp with the growth of the web

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