A Captain’s Knock ! Or was he Knocked out ?

One of my first posts in the blog was on the historic One day International played between Australia and South Africa in Johannesburg , where South Africa chased down a record total of 434 in 50 overs
Several years later, history came quite close to repeat itself.. But this time , the other team, or rather would say , the best team won in the end

The feud ,competition and rivalry between these two teams is not yet over , which is quite evident from the recently concluded test series in Australia.
Despite the fact that , South Africa won the first two tests by luck and won the series, the third and final test match was not an easy affair.

5 days , 450 grueling overs , a broken test wicket at the SCG (Sydney Cricket Ground), an injured captain with a broken hand , coming out to bat at No.11 (as compared to him coming opening) , a controversial catch claimed by the Australian captain , this match had seen everything cricket had to offer in one of its finest forms of the game , Test Cricket

Ricky Ponting, the most resilient and daring captain of the Australian cricket team , allowed the visitors to chase a target of just 367 with more than a day’s play left , by declaring so early .. Despite knowing fully well , that SA had won the previous match by chasing a mammoth target , Ponting dared them to achieve the impossible yet again.
Sports fans and critics would have called him a foolish person to declare early ,esp when SA had reached 67 for the loss of just one wicket at Stumps Day 4. Yet Ponting silenced them all and proved why he is still the best captain around , with his intent of going for a kill rather than play for a draw

The match extending to the last 3 overs of the fifth day’s play and still the result of the test match was quite indecisive with both possibilities of a OZ win or a draw was laid open..
120 runs to win , and one wicket in hand (that being the SA captain , Graeme Smith, who had earlier walked out on a retired hurt ,after an express delivery from Mitchell Johnson broke his left hand,and showed no signs of coming to bat again)
With less than two overs to going the final day , Graeme Smith walked on to the pitch , with a standing ovation from the crowd , jus to bat through the final 15 odd deliveries to draw the match. But though , his stumps were rooted from the ground by the same Johnson , with just 10 balls left in the match.

The match would have won by the Aussies , and the series captured by the South Africans , yet at the end of this magnificent 3 weeks of test matches , it just shows to prove why Test Cricket is still and will ever be the best the game can offer.

5 days of intense and grueling cricketing action in fading lights and broken pitches , brings about a sheen,an efficiency and a class in these players that ODI or a T20 can never dream to display .

Fours and Sixes can show you who has more power , but the true test of character comes out only when you battle out an entire day’s play in a test match..

That’s why , they still call Dravid, “The Wall” !

9 thoughts on “A Captain’s Knock ! Or was he Knocked out ?

  1. Hi Murali.

    I mistook you for Murali Karthik, the spinner Sourav Ganguly laid waste to.

    Nice blog. Someone finally wrote about my fav sport and the Aussies. And of course, The Wall, the man I idealise.

    I like RSA but Aussies will always be Aussies. Have not seen one like Steve Waugh or Adam Destroyer Gilchirst.

    Ys, the final Test against RSA showed what stuff Aussies are made of. Way to go.

    @Keshi….Angry Smile.


  2. @ Talking to My Soul

    Though we both hail from the same city , Chennai , we do not have any anytn else in common

    btw , his name is Murali Karthik
    and I'm Karthik Murali.H . lol….

    and yeah…. the Aussie juggernaut will never stop rolling, despite the fact that Shane Warne,Mcgrath , Gilchrist & Hayden aint there
    It's the team and the passion that counts .. Wat say ?

  3. Yep, Murali err…Karthick

    In fact, you and the spinner are the same, depends which end one is looking at you both. Ha ha

    You are spot on about Aussie passion. They may be on the wane but they will rise again. Nothing can stop them. Shaun Marsh has arrived and so has David Warner. It’s only a matter of time.

    I will thank Keshi for calling you a Cricket Maniac (like Tarun) for I am an old member of that club.


  4. Great game but I think you’re stuck up in the past. Ponting was humiliated recently against India and Dravid??? Yeah he is The Wall – which never moves

  5. @ Rakesh

    Whatever may happen , u still gotta admit , Ponting is one of the finest captains Australia has produced after Mark Taylor

    @ Heart’n Soul
    I guess u still haven’t read my “Understanding a woman” post. the link is there on the left.so its not only abt sports
    btw ,Oxford research has indicated that , each time ur fav team scores a goal , a guy experiences the greatest delight more than wat he experiences after being with a girl….
    so theres ur answer !

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