A new Business Idea

Chennai has seen an unprecedented growth over the past five years , especially
in the hotel industry . There has been a sprout of restaurants , adopting various themes to differentiate.

There are two strategic alternatives to differentiate in a restaurant, if you plan to open. You differentiate either through the food you serve or the hotel experience you provide(some try to do both)

In the former case , there has been several examples , such as Japenese Restaurants,Italian Restaurants( Eden,Little Italy etc),
Korean (The Kyongbokong) ,Chinese(Mainland China,Shanghai etc),
Mexican(Mexi-Cann),Punjabi(Dhaba Express, Punjabi Khana,)
Murugan Idly Restaurant and the list goes on

In the experience you provide , there has been examples of theme based
restaurants , such as The Rain forest,Rail Restaurant,London styled
Main Street(Residency Towers),Rooftop Restaurants etc .Apart from these ,
you have the innumerable pizza restaurants,small diners,fast foods etc.

So how do u differentiate from this clutter ? What does Chennai lack ,
that may actually become a huge success ? Who do u wanna target ?

After much research , I struck upon the solution that the only thing Chennai doesn’t have is a “Drive Thru Restaurant” . We did have a couple of “Drive In ” restaurants
though one of them was closed down recently, but never a “Drive Thru ” restaurant.
( I presume Bombay and Ahmedabad have one)

The no of cars have almost multiplied several times, and the Tata Nano,Hyundai and Maruti’s promise for budget cars is almost there .Yet,with increased work timings and stressful hours on the job people might not find much time in going to a restaurant often ,yet need a “quick bite”

A “Drive through” restaurant can offer a standardized menu similar to
Mcdonalds or a Murugan Idly Restaurant , and can offer a mix of North Indian
and South Indian cuisine with 5 items in each

The maximum waiting time , should not be more than 4 minutes , with a
delivery time of 1-2 minutes. Two parallel counters that can be serviced simultaneously.(To reduce billing time, the menu cars can be distributed to the second and third cars,who will be ready with their selection when they arrive)

You pay the bill in a counter , and by the time you reach the next counter ,
your food parcel is ready !

Design of the restaurant : Design it like a “Ferrari” F1 pit crew ,with red and white flags,signals with racing sounds in the background making it like a real
quick “pit stop”. Keep the pricing low, as comparable to these small diners(persons coming in cars doesnt necessarily mean , they may be people with higher incomes)

Location : Should be located in a residential area ,probably a street away from the main road , with different entrance and exits(preferably in the opposite ends)
All that requires is a small 250 sq.ft to prepare the food , a small billing counter ,
and a clear path for cars to drive in.
Wanna try it out ??

3 thoughts on “A new Business Idea

  1. Not alone a restaurant, India needs drive thru ATMs, drive thru car wash, etc etc. There are drive thru’s for charity also in US . i mean, u can just drive thru n pay wat ever amt u want for the needy. Drive thru’s will help in many grounds if introduced in the metro cities (atleast)

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