Tata Sky – The Worst of Tata Brands

Never in history , has a company been so guile and cunning by coming up
with a product like Tata Sky , whose main intention is to make money
and lots of them ,even if it involves robbing its customer of every penny ..

Their entire product,service and packages have been designed in a devious ,
unscrupulous and an unassuming way which exploits the consumer to the max..

Here i have listed down , several unknown facts about Tata Sky every one
ought to know.[None of the dealers in Chennai or the Tata Sky helpline agents
would ever let out any of these “unpopular” facts”]

* The dish that comes up with a Tata sky connection is not owned by you.
They get to take away the dish , the day you disconnect the Tata Sky connection

* Their hot line no 1800 624 5533 is not a toll free no , and you end up
paying a huge telephone bill just after you make a call to them , especially
after their long waiting times.

* If you are considering to move to another connection , you cannot use the
same set top box for another competitive connection. Tata Sky has disabled
that forcing the customer to abandon the existing box or restricting its customer
to switch to another one[ MRTP Act anyone?]

*If you fail to recharge your account or renew the Tata Sky subscription , you do not
even get to watch the Free to Air Channels

* When it rains , you get interruptions in the signal and sometime later, the signal
totally goes off

* When they feel , a channel suddenly has become quite popular ,due to a
particular sports event or program , it will become a new package and you
to pay separate subscription for that channel every month

* When India Pakistan series was broadcasted in Neo Sports , it was immediately
changed into a Sports Gold package and they demanded Rs. 199 / year for that
useless channel alone. Thanks to the city’s cable operator , we got it free through
our normal cable itself

* When ESPN Star Sports gained popularity due to the ongoing Euro 2008 ,
they were immediately converted into a Sports Platinum pack,with a Rs.40
monthly subscription charge

Surprisingly Ten Sports does not classify under the Sports Platinum pack, and
one has to pay another Rs.15 / momth to subscribe it

[ESPN Star Sports reacted sharply to the move , by humiliating Tata Sky with its
ads portraying how Tata Sky is exploiting the customer]

* Tata Sky does not have a digital output for sound. So irrespective of your
high quality TV , you still get the same analog output

* Many of the Free to Air Channels are also classified as separate packages
such as BBC ( Rs 30 / month) , Zoom (under the Lifestyle pack) , 9X

* Their referal programmes is valid only if the second person buys a Tata Sky connection through the internet and not with a retailer or dealer

Comparative costs

Tata Sky – 1500+1000(installation) initially
260 / month for base package ( only tamil and english channels) , if u need
both Hindi and tamil = 310 / month
40 rs/month for Espn Star Sports
15 rs/month for BBC
Total : Rs. 315 / month ( tamil and english)
Rs.365/month (hindi,tamil and english channels)

Cost of set top box connection from a private cable operator ( Eg. SCV)
[Same audio and video clarity]

Free Set Top Box and free installation
Smart Card – Rs.400 initially ( fully refundable if returned)

Monthly subsription charges
Rs.200 / month which includes the entire channel list

Isnt the choice so obvious ?

This is a small “awakening posts” to remind people not to buy the Tata Sky service ,
and instead opt in for the private set top box connections or the ones like Sun Direct,SCV , which offers relatively the same service at one third of the cost with the same quality

4 thoughts on “Tata Sky – The Worst of Tata Brands

  1. well considering all this i will never go for tata sky ever. i know these people can go to any limit just to make money. anyways do u have anysuggestion for dish tv also as there set up box is free now what do u think about it??????

  2. Well mr.karthk, visited your blog only while I was searching for this issue and to say I was in a confused state and I am kinda feeling comfortable now in choosing scv. I was of course worried about the free channels or low cost channels suddenly becoming pay channels. But wat about the movies they provide? How about the interactive stuffs they tell? are they all true? How much can I rely on scv? Do you use it? If so how long?

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