Bring out the best against the best

It is certainly a wonder to see how come sheer greatness is achieved and most of all brought and displayed to the world .
Its a rare spectacle to see the enthralling sight of glory and victory .
But if victory becomes a habit would it be called rare , as
was the case of Pete Sampras ,Michael Schumacher , Roger Federer and then finally
The World Champions ,Australia.

Upon analysing how such incredible acts were performed , it is astonishing to find one single common factor .
All the above men /team have achieved their immortal status in sport by fighting against the best
If there was no Agassi or Jim Courier there wouldnt have been a Sampras ,that we would know today.
If there was no Alonso or Raikkonen , Schumacher would have been a nobody
If there was no Nadal , Federer is just any other good tennis player .
For the Australians , it was the South Africans who proved to them they are also mortal.

Be it any field , true professionalism and sheer class is brought out only when an equal and a daunting challenge arises.
A person /team is called No : 1 ,not by rankings but by the no of hearts they capture from the way they play .

The only exception to all these is The Aussies , who werent even tested a muscle in the recently concluded World Cup. Teams that were thought to be a stiff opposition to the world champions turned out to be mere weaklings ,losing out to even minnows in the worst possible way ,crumbling under pressure .
Its jus not players like Hayden ,Gilchrist ,Ponting or Mcgrath that make them the no 1.
Even without all its superstars , Australia will still be the supreme and the invincibles , for they play as a team and have it in them the never say die attitude and possess the aggressive spirit .
Winning once mite be luck , winning twice mite be called greatness
But four times ??? English is still a small language to describe them in a word . .
All these teach us one final lesson
To prove that ur the best , show it convincingly , and do it by beating the best with ur best ,in fair means

Art is best expressed by showing the inner things rather than outward appearances 🙂

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