Achieving the Foreign Education Dream with PTE

The prospect of an overseas education has been the desire for several lakh students studying in India. The dream for these kids starts developing as early as primary school and they set their ambitions of acquiring a masters degree in US/UK/Australia. The dream shapes into a goal when they begin their initial years of gradution and start focussing on what to study next .

Students pursue an overseas education, primarily because of three reasons:

  • Parental / Societal Pressure : If the neighbour or colleagues son happens to study overseas, the parents feel pressurized
  • Peer Pressure : Students see their friends applying for foreign universities and feel the need to apply it themselves , than settling for a job here.
  • Passion to study further : A passion to study further in top universities of the world is also a key reason to go abroad.

Foreign Education : Challenges in Application

However there are several monetary , academic and other limitations that can make it difficult for a student .  There will be delays in applying for a passport or the passport doesnt have enough validity to apply for a visa.
Next, the visa rules by many countries have made it tough for many students to apply and the possibility of a rejection is even higher.
Even if you manage to get your records straight , the most important hurdle while applying abroad is university acceptance and their expected English standards. This can be produced only through a reputed , accepted English test that you should undertake.

Things to keep in mind for a Foreign Education

  • Focus on your goal : There will be many instances which might force you to quit. Stay focussed and be determined on your career
  • Reputed Institution : There are 1000’s of universities across the globe specializing in many courses. Ensure you select the right one, which is reputed, offer good placements and a good academic degree.
  • Finances : Finances can always be a big hurdle. A good degree abroad can easily cost in excess of 15-16 Lakhs. Ensure you are properly covered or secure a bank loan, that allows you to repay once you are employed.
  • Research about the country : Be it Australia, UK or the US, research extensively on the culture, food, society and other aspects that helps you to transition there easily. 
  • Perfecting your English : Though we are not native English language speakers

The Pearson PTE Test

The English test is actually a mandatory option when you are applying for universities in Australia New Zealand , UK and US as well. One such reputed and officially accepted test is PTE Academic (Pearson Test of English Academic).

This test is accepted by 100% of Australian and New Zealand Universities (approved by the Govt of Australia and New Zealand for all student visa and immigration applications) and more than 96% of UK universities.

Some of these universities include :
University of Canberra , University of Tasmania, Melbourne Institute of Technology (MIT) , Oxford College of London , Regent’s College London, Manchester Business School etc.

#DefinitelyPTE :  Structure of the exam

Pearson India has designed the test with the sole objective of making the application & acceptance of foreign university, a hassle free journey. The test assures students the fastest way to prove your English langugage proficiency.

The 3 hour English Language Test comprises of the following sections :

The questions evaluates an assessment of a combination of language skills, which includes :

  • Speaking & Writing

  • Reading

  • Listening

The net score is based out of an granular scoring method between 10-90 (A Global Scale of English) and this actually includes the test taker’s overall score, communicative skills scores and enabling skills scores.

Booking, Schedule & Results

Booking a Test in just 2-3 steps through the official website of Pearson.

So all you need to do is :
1. Visit . 2. Create a Pearson account (Candidates must register using the name and  date of birth as it appears on their passport)
3. Once they have created an account test takers receive an email with their login details.
4. Once their login details are received via email  test takers can schedule a test via

The test is pretty much available throughout the year (360 days) and you can take it in any of the 50 centres spread across India including Chennai, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Kolkatta, Bangalore etc.

A test can be booked just one day before and the results are available in just 5 Business Days.
In case you want some practice papers before taking the actual test, you can check out the PTE Practice Course, that helps you to prepare well .
Wishing all the best for all my readers who are applying for a post graducation abroad.

Check out this #DefinitelyPTE video for more details.

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