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Under Construction Plug-In

So the first time I encountered this WordPress plugin , I mistook it to be something under development. Only to later realize it was an app to build a temporary under construction process and hence the name for this coming soon page plugin.
coming soon page plugin

Having said that, this can be an incredibly useful plugin which makes a huge difference in terms of professionalism and retaining visitors to you site . Despite buying a hosting and domain plan, there’s still a lot of work left in building the site, adding content, designing a template etc.

During the process, you may have felt the need to inform a set of audience that this is your domain. As expected the traffic might flow through , and they’ll thrown with a bad error page ( probably a 404) or an incorrect URL page or worst case doesn’t open at all.

Designing Temporary Pages

Retaining every person who comes through your site is key in engagement and increasing the organic traffic percentage. In software development mode, this is called “Test/Sandbox” environment and a “Live/Production” environment. In a website, you may not have such facilities or advanced features to create two parallel environments. So until you require the site with actual content to go “Live”, you require a temporary “Under Construction” or better “Coming Soon” page.

Designing a temporary page should be very important to attract audience ,make them remember to come back once the site is live. You should also have some  social media handles in the page which can help them stay connected to your website. In a normal blog editor all you can do is add a page full of text and a couple of images. This may not really appeal and may look very unprofessional or amateur.

To solve this and make the job much simpler (of course save on hiring expensive web designers), you have a free WordPress plugin called Under Construction.

So what should you do to get this?

  • Download the plugin here https://wordpress.org/plugins/under-construction-page/
  • Activate in the plugins panel in your WP Dashboard.
  • Configure the settings,social media links etc
  • Choose one among the 100’s of page designs which you find here : https://www.underconstructionpage.com/
  • You are Done!
coming soon page designs

Advantages of using Coming soon page plugin :

  • Its super easy to use and loads pretty fast.
  • It’s FREE !!
  • Updated designs are available every month.
  • Provides support for all caching plugins.
  • Highly optimized for SEO.
  • Social media integration with the page.
  • Google Analytics tracking of views support.

If you still have doubts, you can probably check their video here

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