Importance of Lost Growth

Growing up is one of the best things that can ever happen to a kid. Looking after that growing kid is a task that’s even more tougher than you may have expected. It is imperative that extreme care and importance is needed to take care of the kid and the right amount of nutrients, vitamins and other minerals is included in their balanced diet.

The kid is exposed to extreme heat, high pressure in schools and tuitions and a lot of physical activity in playgrounds. So in order to compensate for the lost energy and boost stamina, rich high nutrient foods should be given to the kids

There have been millions of instances where kids have faced a lot of diseases, fallen sick quite often, mainly because of lack of good food or consumption of harmful items. Some kids are just given a loaf of bread and some small amount of rice in the afternoon which can never fully enrich them or provide them the balanced nutrients they require.

Growth happens only when you are given complete care in a 360 degree holistic way. Good education alone cannot ensure that a kid will grow to be a successful person. It all depends on psychological and physical factors as well. Good counseling, sufficient amount of parental advice at key stages in life and of course a well planned food supplements are needed to ensure the kid can sustain the difficulties in life, overcome it and become a top achiever. If you go and ask any top achiever, their reply will be good food at right intervals and of course proper care given by elders and parents in the family. It is well known that maximum growth happens between the age of 3-10 years which also the prime age of childhood. So if you end up comparing your kid with the neighbour’s kid, dont blame him. Look within yourself and ask if you are feeding him the right kind of food for his growth

Due to office pressures, if a kid is neglected, it can have harmful effects later on in his life. Bone Deficiencies, vitamin deficiency, lack of stamina, falling ill almost once a week can be a regular occurrence. There will be more trips to the doctor than schools and it’ll become a tough life to tread.
A concept of BMI is there to keep track of the right amount of weight and height a child should have at any stage in his life. BMI stands for Body Mass Index and stipulates that given a child’s age, he or she should have a minimum height and weight of a given standard. Anything below that or higher than that ( especially weight) should be immediately treated for deficiency or obesity.

Kids require a healthy balanced drink like Horlicks Growth +, which acts as a specialized nutrition product , designed by International food experts, especially for kids in the age of 3-9 years. It contains a lot of nutrients,proteins and other key minerals,that can definitely target high growth for these children. This can once again re energize themselves, attain the required growth levels needed for their age and compete successfully with other kids

Importance of growth cannot be stressed any lesser as it’s the most important factor to ensure that a child can succeed.

As a responsible parent each one  should work towards bringing up the kids with all possible motivation and provide them with good food and care to ensure their children’s future.

After all they are the ones who’s gonna shape the nation in the next few decades

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