Top Fantastico Destinations in India

India is a diverse land filled with beautiful natural resources, mountains, rivers, beaches and history that dates back several centuries. The country has the one of the seven wonders of the world, has innumerable forts and palaces than all of Scotland combined, beautiful beaches in Goa that even Miami or Maldives can be jealous of . The 20+ languages, the spices and sweets of India, the buzzling chaos of the Indian streets, everything in India is to be admired for.

Yet the primary choice for every Indian to vacation is outside the country. Some of the primary destinations for Indians would include : Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai , Thailand , Indonesia, Maldives and Mauritius. These destinations are primarily chosen for their scenic beaches, cheaper conversion rates for the Indian rupee and lots of shopping avenues

What if I were to say that India has plenty of all these in ample places ,you can never get tired or bored of them and of course very budget friendly

Goa: Goa is the first thing when I mention the word Beach destination. A beautiful state filled with hundreds of beautiful beaches, some of them still unexplored , Goa is the best place to go for a relaxed vacation. If you are looking for a vacation with complete peace, no hectic tours and a place to unwind after a long day ,  this is the most ideal destination you can go to.

Ooty : A small serene hill station in the mountains of Nilgiris, Ooty is a beautiful destination in the state of Tamil Nadu. From nice hill view points, flower gardens and boating, it has several activities for the entire family. A relatively inexpensive destination , it can be easy on the wallet. Of course dont miss out on the beautiful toy train towards the top

Darjeeling : Yet another beautiful hill station in India will be Darjeeling . Located on the eastern front of India,  Darjeeling is in West Bengal and primarily known for its sprawling tea estates, hill view points and a trekking destination as well. One can incidentally the world’s second longest peak Kanchenjunga from here at sunrise

Manali : No list of hill stations in India would be incomplete with Manali-Shimla. The twin cities is located just below the Himalayas and one of the tallest hill stations in the country. This is one of the few destinations where you can actually experience Snow throughout the year , as you head over to Rohtang Pass. Shopping at the Tibetan markets is a great timepass as well

Kerala : Backwaters, Boathouses, Ayurvedic oil massages, beaches and of course some nice food makes up a huge percentage of Kerala. A state that receives moderate rainfall almost throughout the year, has lush outfields, calm and peaceful life and of course a beautiful vacation destination
Tamil Nadu : Madurai Meenakshi Temple, Chennai Marina Beach, Kanyakumari , Chennai Mylapore temple , Rameshwaram are some of the fantastico destinations Tamilnadu has to offer apart from Ooty which was already mentioned above. Each city above needs 2-3 days to explore in its fullest. Of course don’t miss out on the spicy sambar and chutney along with the Idly’s and Dosa’s

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