Impact of Elections

Look around and you’ll find hundreds of posters of politicians from the top parties compelling you to vote for them .They offer a new breed of governance, a new system in place and of course a lot of freebies. Promises are thrown in plenty as they project a state which will be state of the art with developed infrastructure, a smooth functioning government, impeccable roads and reduced taxes

It’s a common sight not only in India but also worldwide. The US elections have seen more ups and downs than ever before ,as Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Donald  Trump fight it out for the world’s most powerful position

Zoom back to Tamil Nadu , and the situation is slightly different than what happened four years before. Instead of a 2 party fight to the Chief Minister’s post, this time its a four horse race. Who knows, there might be a hidden fifth dark horse that could be a surprise winner.

TamilNadu always saw DMK and ADMK propaganda against each other rather than actually conveying what they would bring to the table. The last fifteen years of elections has had a huge impact on people who had no choice but to vote for either one of these .Any third party ultimately ended up joining one of these two .

However with the rise of social media, people have strongly reacted to violations and illegal practices of the politicans. The mis-management of governmental agencies during the floods and their visible absence didn’t go well with the citizens of Chennai. Almost none of the candidates campaigning actually made any efforts to improve situations in ground level. Announcing flood relief packages was regarded as a publicity stunt and most of which didn’t reach the people who actually lost of valuables

The media adding fuel to the fire isn’t playing a neutral game and rather showing positive coverage of a political party who has sponsored their shows. Some of the candidates have a lot of ambition but lack the leadership nor the knowhow to manage the state’s chief position. While some may have the talent and skill to manage the state, but are constantly being dragged down by their preference of caste based politics

Election’s key impact is however on infrastructure. Until the elections end, the citizens get to enjoy good infrastructure, clean roads, properly traffic regulated roads and fast response from government agencies while presented with a query. All the politicians have a lending ear to listen to your problems and offer a viable solution if they come to power
On some level, we all know it’s never going to happen. People who remain poor will be poorer by the day, rich people will get to become more richer. Every new government will only end up raising the current taxes, be it VAT or Income tax or service tax. If they find nothing else to increase, they’ll end up increase the Fuel surcharge to ensure the citizen’s lives are further burdened
So all in every election is only an eyewash. A government for themselves and themselves alone while it’s impact leaves you reeling for quite a bit of time

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