Impact of Apple

Ever since Apple came into existence, it has set a completely new definition and standard for quality and design. A ruthless attitude towards excellence has kept them right on top of the chain
Irrespective of any division they operate in, they ensure they are either on the top or doesn’t exist at all

Their tolerance towards defects and issues is zero and it certainly has been appreciated by fans/loyalists all over the world

Initially Apple users were a cult, who displayed a staunch following of the brand. They used to line up in miles, the night before every single product release

Founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, they initially tried to develop and sell personal computers. Nearly a year later, they incorporated the company, Apple Inc in 1977. This was the start of a massive revolution in the field of Personal computing and consumer electronics
Their PC’s was titled Mac and was an instant success, thanks to a brilliant ergonomic design. Additionally thanks to a feud between Microsoft, they worked on their own operating system called MacOs. It was so beautifully designed that it was completely secure and no hackers could inject a virus in a Mac machine

Then came their launch in consumer electronics, which made all other brands wake up. Their foray into musical players (Ipods) and mobile phones (IPhones) seemed to have the biggest impact in consumer electronics till date

Sony’s Walkman was the most favoured music player for a long time. IPod’s launch, however literally killed off the Walkman overnight. CD’s was no longer the norm and everything went digital. Apple released their iTunes store selling songs at 99cents a piece, which could be synced to your IPod quite easily. The impact of this marketing strategy was quite interesting on the music industry. Earlier fans were forced to buy the entire album for 10 dollars+ as a CD in a music store. Now this 1 song for 99c, made it far easier to choose the desired song only. Though Apple made millions out of it, it also ensured that artists and production companies received a fair compensation

The last but not the least was iPhones. Volumes can be written on its huge impact on the economy as a whole. Right from the first ever iPhone till the latest iPhone 6s, they have managed to sell several millions of each version. Around 10 years back, their first smartphone sold 1.4 million phones. Nokia’s territory and domination in mobiles was beginning to face the heat. With the exceptional design, quality and features in the iPhone, Nokia could never recover and had to almost come to a close, before it could be revived by Microsoft.

Apple went on to sell 600 million phones until 2014, out of which 170 million was sold in 2014 alone.
Though Android has always given stiff competition on the smartphone market, iPhone has left an indelible impact on smartphone users and made them an Apple loyalist forever

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