Movies with Impact

Movies can be a great medium to escape into an alternate reality , where you get to visually see a story unraveling with actors and actresses enacting their roles to perfection. Exotic locations, beautiful glamourous outfits, nerve biting chasing sequences, cold blooded murder scenes and a rip roaring comedy are all part of the fantasy world which you’d expect in the movie
You may not find yourself questioning the logic of the scenes happening or whether this is really possible in the world you live in. You wonder if the society can even accept such hard truths or the concept portrayed in the movies.

Some movies may follow the blind masala route to just provide sheer entertainment for those three hours in the form of item numbers, drama sequences and a comedy track which has no connection to the original plotline. These have a separate audience and caters to their wishes completely

On the other hand there are some directors who take film making quite seriously and continuously strives to make an impact in the society and convey a message. The first name that comes to anyone’s mind who makes movies to spread social awareness and bring change to society is Shankar.

Famous for huge and extravagant production in his films, Shankar has made some brilliant movies like Jeans, Kadhalan,Gentleman, Anniyan, Mudhalvan, Robot etc. All of his movies have a simple message to its viewers and tries his maximum to make a change in the society
Anniyan for instance tried to bring about the mistakes people do in the form of conning people in food and products we buy, not caring about other people when they are hurt or merely exploiting other people to make money. Through his movie he tries to give a hard hitting justice to those people who have committed sins

His other famous movie, Muthalvan on the other hand takes it a notch further . He takes on corrupt politicians and chief ministers who accept bribes and introduces a one day CM concept who achieves wonders in a single day. The movie had a hard hitting impact across all its viewers and the society as a whole
Apart from social messages, you can also create an impact on how a film has been portrayed visually. It could be a true story on a particular incident or it may even be a simple love story. But the way the movie is made can have a huge impact on its viewers and they can never forget it forever.
My favourite directors in this category include James Cameron, Steven Spielberg and our very own Mani Rathnam. Be it the Titanic or Jurassic Park or even the visual spectacle called Avatar it has transcended levels of film making and achieved the impossible. Mani Rathnam’s Roja, a film on Kashmir had an hard hitting impact which no other film could ever achieve

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